Latest Peppers "Interview" More of the Same

The following quote is from this link:


"Seven years is a long time and since I’ve been here, I’ve given everything I had. There’s never been a time that I wasn’t giving my all. It’s a situation where I feel I’m at the point in my career where I want to do different things. It has nothing to do with anything that happened with me and coaches or me and the owner. There’s nothing that happened. I just feel like personally, for me and my career, it’s time for a change.”

Update by Jaxon:

Or you can read it here from Darin Gantt. The two quotes that piss me off yet again:

I said things about wanting to maybe play in a 3-4 and that’s still the case. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m ruling out any other teams that play the 4-3, I just want to have the option available. I feel that particular system would allow me to do things that playing defensive end in a 4-3 doesn’t necessarily allow me to do.

And the second:

What I’d say is, ‘Put yourself in my shoes, and look at the situation instead of being emotional about it.’”

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