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Panthers Mock Draft Madness

Here's a Panthers mock draft prediction that will make you laugh:

59. Carolina Panthers: Chase Coffman, TE, Missouri
The Panthers have lacked consistent production from the tight end position since Wesley Walls.

This prediction is so off-base on so many levels. How many mock drafts predicted the exact same thing last season? Plenty for sure but we don't need to recap what actually happened, though the Panthers did take a TE in the 5th round (Gary Barnidge).

The Panthers in fact are so well stocked at TE I doubt they will touch the TE depth chart at all this offseason. No need to in my view since they NEVER throw the ball to the TE anyway. You could give them Tony Gonzales and Jake would still force it up to Steve Smith. After the Chargers game last season when TE Dante Rosario had 7 catches for 96 yards and a TD I thought the Panthers finally had a weapon at TD. The problem is that it was a single shot weapon, use once and throw away which is exactly what they did to the TE in the passing game.

A better pick would be the guy they have going to the Titans three picks later:

62. Tennessee Titans: Evander Hood, DT, Missouri
An explosive tackle who might end up replacing Albert Haynesworth if he isn't re-signed.

Now, I am all about explosive DT's, particularly if you think they could replace Haynesworth. Now that is a weapon!! Of course I know nothing of this Hood guy but you get my point. There's no name associated with this post so it's obvious some non-Panther people put this mock together. I'll get off my rant now.