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Panthers Sign 8 to Practice Squad

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The Panthers signed the following players to their practice squad:

RB Decori Birmingham - Very glad to see this guy in the squad. He played well and could get a call up if anyone should get dinged

OT Geoff Schwartz - The 7th round pick looks slotted at right tackle where he couldn't beat out the versatile Jeremy Bridges for the back-up job. He's a big strong guy who needs to work on his footwork.

WR William Buchanon - He didn't make much of an impression on me during the preseason but the Panthers must see something in him.

S Joe Fields - Fields played well in the preseason so I'm not surprised to see his name here. He seemed to always be near the ball and made some good plays in the passing game

DT Nick Hayden - The 6th round pick played well at times but lost out to the numbers game and Gary Gibson.

FB Billy Latsko - Latsko tried out for the Panthers past season but was just waived by Pittsburgh this weekend. The Panthers obviously like this kid enough to bring him back.

WR Titus Ryan - The Panthers seem to be stocking up on WR's. I have to admit I know nothing about this guy and there's no info on the Panther site yet. Anybody know anything about him?

DE Angelo Craig - At 6'5" 242 lbs he seems to be another smallish DE in the mold of Hilee Taylor. With the Panthers cutting McClover and keeping Taylor I'm not sure why this guy was signed other than to provide another practice body.