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Panthers Defense Depth Chart Predictions

Charles Chandler with gave an earnest approach to predicting the Panthers defensive depth chart based on the draft and recent signings. His prediction makes me kind of wonder how long he has been watching these Panthers.

DT -- Maake Kemoeatu, Ian Scott, Nick Hayden

DT -- Damione Lewis, Darwin Walker

DE -- Julius Peppers, Stanley McClover

DE -- Charles Johnson, Tyler Brayton, Hilee Taylor

MLB -- Jon Beason, Dan Connor, Landon Johnson, Adam Seward

SLB -- Thomas Davis, Adam Seward, James Anderson, Tim Shaw

WLB -- Landon Johnson, Na'il Diggs, Dan Connor

CB -- Ken Lucas, Richard Marshall

CB -- Chris Gamble, Ricardo Colclough, Dante Wesley

SS -- Chris Harris, Nate Salley

FS -- Charles Godfrey, Terrence Holt


If there is one tag that fits Hurney and Fox it’s this: conservative.


They will always give the nod to the veteran player. For instance, I don’t think there is any way Charles Godfrey starts over Terrence Holt in game one. I also expect Na’il Diggs to start over Landon Johnson. Again it’s only because Fox is smart in giving the nod to the veteran player. He has the reputation of supporting veterans even though he may not have reason too. Many veterans have expressed this quality as a reason players like to play for John Fox. He is a players coach so to speak.