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Final Pre-Draft Thoughts, Rumors and 2008 NFL Draft Open Thread

Its 12 pm eastern and we have about three hours until the moment we’ve been waiting patiently for since February arrives. I am mock draft-outed and care even less about the latest draft rumor (not really). Here’s my final prediction:

The Panthers will have a good day!

Sure, every team will walk away saying they have struck draft pick gold. I think come December we will all agree the Panthers had a great draft. What are your predictions?

This is an open thread.

Those that read this blog regularly know that I will be tied up from around 2pm to 5:30pm for a wedding (one of the few things that could keep me away from the TV today). I’ve got three posts ready to go based on who I think the Panthers will pick: Derrick Harvey, Rashard Mendenhall and Ryan Clady. If the Panthers make a trade or pick someone else then I’ll be scrambling to put something up.

If someone would put up a diary with a brief summary of our #13 pick I will be happy to elevate it to the front page.

An ESPN announcer (I forget his name) says he is sure the Rams are taking DE Chris Long. If that’s true it may be a relief to the Ravens. The word is the Ravens really want QB Matt Ryan but fear they don’t have the juice to trade up with the Rams. Not to worry, the Falcons will be choosing between Ryan and DT Glenn Dorsey. I think they would be smart to take Dorsey and then grab QB Chad Henne in the 2nd.  I bet Ryan ends up in Baltimore.

Mel Kiper is predicting the Panthers will take RB Jonathan Stewart. I would not be unhappy with that one. Here’s my final Panthers prediction:

I think the Panthers will stay at #13 unless the Cowboys come calling with those two number one picks so the ‘Boys can get Mendenhall or Stewart. If Derrick Harvey is gone then the Panthers will pull the trigger on this deal. The only trade up scenario I can see is the Panthers getting in front of the Broncos (the Bills?) in order to get Clady. If they stay at #13 I think their board looks like this after the Broncos pick: Harvey, Mendenhall, and Stewart.

With the Cowboys trading for Pacman Jones I think the probability of the Cowboys moving up to get a RB like Mendenhall or Stewart have gone up. The trade to get a 4th rounder from the Dolphins replaces that draft pick and allows more fodder to support a trade up.

Lets hear your predictions!