Julius Peppers Fined $10k for Matt Ryan Hit

As reported by the Charlotte Observer, Julius Peppers was fined $10,000 on Friday by the NFL for the hit on Matt Ryan.

The NFL has fined Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers $10,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan.

Referee Ed Hochuli was loudly booed when he threw his flag for roughing-the-passer on the play Sunday, which wiped out Richard Marshall's interception return for a touchdown early in the first quarter in Carolina's 24-9 home win.

Replays showed Peppers led with his shoulder, but the NFL determined on Friday that Peppers then hit Ryan in the head, drawing the fine and supporting Hochuli's on-field call.

First, I believe we are all thinking that's total crap. During the game I completely disagreed with the call. However, after watching the Official Review segment on I understand why the call was made during the game. The portion about the Atlanta/Carolina game begins around 3:10 and a slow motion reply of the hit at the 4:30 mark.

But the call during the game isn't what I have a problem with now. It's the fine. I'm sure we all remember the hit by Lance Briggs on Jake during the Bear/Panthers game during week two. I wish I could find a video to link too, but haven't (if you find one let me know and I'll add it). If Peppers was fined for this hit, the hit by Briggs should have been a fine as well.

I think just because the league wants to support old Ed Hochuli that they are giving Peppers a fine for this. It's ridiculous to think that this was worse than the Briggs hit. Inconsistancy at it's best.

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