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The Success of a Defense Does Not Rest on One Man’s Shoulders


I’ve been reading this one post on a website that I frequent quite often,and the fact that it keeps reappearing is rather annoying. Not that I have a problem with folks expressing their opinions, but the title of it irritates me. It’s a piece written by a contributor at Bleacher Report. Now before you get all bent out of shape about the source of the opinion, let me first say that the writer brings about some good thoughts. …more after the jump…


Tagged Julius Peppers a no-show at practice... again

Jon Beason had something to say about Julius Peppers being a no-show at practice on Wednesday. He thinks that Peppers will love the new Carolina defense. Getting the all pro defensive end see it...


Peppers is a no show at mandatory practice today...

Today  the Carolina Panthers started a three day mini-camp. Surprise, surprise a no show for disgruntled defensive end Julius Peppers. Expect him to continue his...

Finally! News on Peppers Trade. Thank you God!


News have broken from Vic Carruci, the senior writer for NFL.com. What do the Panthers plan to do with Julius Peppers?


Peppers to Patriots a real possibility

It is looking more and more like the 4-3 DE will be coming to New England: The trade that sent Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs appears to be only the first phase of some...

Julius Peppers and Ken Lucas to Patriots?


Could Julius Peppers and Ken Lucas be traded to the Patriots?

Peppers and Trade Musings


So Peppers finally has the franchise tag placed on him. Now that trade talk can finally be spoken about, what will happen to Julius Peppers and how much is he worth?

Panther Roundup: NFC beats the AFC 21-30


What do the Panthers get out of the Pro-Bowl? How did their four players do during the game? And did Julius Peppers let anything slip about his future in Carolina? Tune in to check out how our...

So begins the Off-Season


Another part of the season ends, another part begins. Contract signings should start taking place any day now as we grow closer to the key date of Feb. 27th

The 2008 3-4 Defense Depth Chart for the Panthers


The 3-4 defense might have some merit in Carolina. What would the starting Depth Chart look like? Tune in to find out.

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