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After that offseason, what next?


Cam is mentioned at #8. I'll just post my new favorite Cam quote from the article: "You want to come look at my playbook?" Newton asked reporters this offseason. "I'm telling you, man, it ain't on the Atkins diet, I can tell you that."

BRAND NEW Cam Newton Commercial


New commercial featuring my boy ace-boogie cam newton Dominating the 5th Quarter

ROTY Vote: Time to do your Pantherly Duty


I voted for Cam 100 times now it is your turn, because if Dalton wins I will kill 5 kittens and ruin all of CSR's comments with the pictures for all of eternity.

Cam (and the Panthers) Finally Get Some Love on Deadspin


Obviously not written by Drew Margary (who seems to have a hate-boner for the Panthers), talking about how Cam is better than Tebow.

Official Cam Newton Facebook


Yes, Panthers fans, Cam has a Facebook.

Cam Newton: The Entertainer & Icon


I can no longer wait for the player to come about. This is pictures from his photo shoot with GQ that will be in the July GQ (Per The War Eagle Reader). As I know this is just endoresment photo's and him getting some of the celebrity deal, I just want him to excel on the field before he tries to excel off of it. Hopefully all of this ends once the CBA is signed

Favre to Mentor Newton


As mentioned on SportsCenter this morning, Brett Favre plans on tutoring Cam Newton this offseason. The article also shows the hard work Newton is already putting in.

Cam Newton's QB tutor George Whitfield radio interview by Hurney & Hancock


Check out this week's Panthers Pulse where John Hancock interviews Marty Hurney, and subsequently both interview QB guru George Whitfield who is working with Cam Newton. It turns out Cam is working with not only Whitfield but is also being mentored by Warren Moon and Brett Farve. Quote of the interview by George Whitfield comparing Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newtown: "I've always said, Ben is a Hummer and Cam is like a Hummer Sport. You put a spoiler on him. He's still a Hummer too, just faster." Hurney will be on the Panthers Pulse every Thursday on WBT 1110 at 7pm ET every Thursday. If you can't catch it live, you can always listen to the podcast.

Cam Newton wants to be an "icon"


My personal reason I wouldn't want Cam Newton in a panther uniform? Arrogance. Do you agree?

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