Moderator and Editor Guidelines

Moderator Guidelines

Last updated Nov. 25th, 2013

The purpose of the moderator is to monitor the conversations on the blog and make sure the Terms of Service (ToS) are being observed. When members step outside the ToS the moderator should first warn the member to give the member a chance to change their ways. If the member continues to act outside the ToS the Moderator may institute a ban to the member.

How in institute a warning or ban:

1. To institute a warning or ban click on the member's name to go to their profile page. Under their profile picture click Inspect Member. The moderation box is top right of the page.

2. Click the Ban or Warn radio buttons as appropriate and then click the Hide Comments if appropriate. Only click Hide fanposts or fanshots if applicable

3. In the Message box type a short description of why they are being warned or banned. Messages are anonymous unless you put your name in there which is not required or desired.

4. Click Do It when all items are complete.

Here is additional guidance for moderators:

5. As representatives of the blog Moderators must conduct themselves at a high level of professionalism; Obviously do not engage in conversations outside ToS and do not feel like you have to explain the decision to moderate to other members

6. We have found it is much better to over react and ban someone and simply lift it later if warranted than to hope someone will stop their offending behavior on their own accord. The process of moderating a member typically goes like this:

a. Member makes one or multiple comments outside the ToS

b. Member receives warning to stop or they will be banned; messages are received instantly or the next time the member logs in.

c. Note: A member that has been warned must clear the warning by clicking an agreement button to abide by the ToS. I.e...they cannot pretend like they did not get the warning, it is not possible.

d. Member continues to make comments outside the ToS

e. Member is banned; In some cases we may choose to lift a ban after a short period time for longtime members who usually act within the ToS but for whatever reason are 'having a bad day' so to speak.

f. If member appeals for unban they may be unbanned at CSR Management's discretion (Jaxon & James); As it stands the only reason we may unbad someone is if they were not given a warning or otherwise opportunity to correct their bahavior.

7. Always hide the offending comments, do not delete. That way the editors can review and decide the final action

8. Spam is not tolerated without permission and is to be deleted immediately; no need to hide spam I don't care what it was. Spammers are typically banned immediately as they are not fans and just spammers. Also, if you see a member has been given 'throttle' warnings that is for making too many posts across multiple blogs in a short period of time; i,e...spamming behavior.

9. When writing warning messages keep them short, reference the offending comment(s) and the CSR ToS.

10. Exceptions for skipping a warning: If it's obvious the person is a troll from another team intent on causing trouble a warning is not needed. Feel free to ban.

11. If a moderator is not sure whether to issue a warning or ban they may post a message to the Inner Circle Google group with a reference to the offending member and behavior asking for 'a second' on the action. If another editor or moderator agrees take the action. We CSR management acknowledge that we have not always given this type of latitude in the past but we are defining this authority at this time.

12. Moderators may use the fact a member has been banned or warned by other SBN blogs as part of the justification for banning a member. New members with multiple offenses at other blogs may also be preemptively banned, a practice we learned of from other SBN sites.

Editor Guidelines

The Editor has several purposes on CSR but the one that requires the most work is to review and where needed make corrections to authored articles. Typically it is simply correcting typos and grammar errors in author posts or in the case of fanposts, improving the formatting to make it more readable. If an author makes a mistake like naming the wrong player or listing a stat incorrectly feel free to correct it as well as long as you know it is incorrect.

CSR strives to promote all fanposts that are well written, thoughtful and make a supported point. Editors are key to this process as rarely is a fanpost presentable without some editing. The more we promote the better provided the pieces are worthy and readable. If in doubt as to whether a fanpost is worthy of being put in the river simply as the group.

The Editors most important purpose though is to promote and sustain a Panther fan community that advances the memberships understanding of all things Panthers while keeping the discourse as civil as possible. Editors should strive to keep the content as professional as possible in particular those things we post to the front page and river.

How to Edit an Authored Post, fanpost or fanshot:

1. Access the piece to be edited either directly by clicking on the title link or the applicable list from the Editorial Menu bar. Click the Edit icon to open the editor.

2. Makes the changes as needed using the Editor tool. There are guidelines for its use built into the tool.

3. If the problem is fonts not being consistent sometimes it's easier to correct by pasting the post into Word, making the corrections and then pasting it back into the Editor using the Word paste tool. If you have a question on how to do perform a certain feature just ask the group.

Additional Editor Guidance:

4. Editors are also Moderators and should help monitor the Blog Activity list accessible via the Manage Blog link top right of the Editorial page. The bottom list shows all flags posts and comments.

5. Approving Authored Posts - New authors are not given the ability to post to the front page without prior approval; only ‘trusted authors' have this ability. Periodically check the Editorial page for posts awaiting approval. If you open a post to edit the platform will display a large red warning if another editor opens the same post thereby trying to prevent over writing of another Editors changes.

6. Fanposts and fanshots can be pinned anywhere in the river. If one is well written and on topic per the day's events it might be worthy of #1 placement in the river.

7. Breaking News - When you hear of breaking news and you wonder it it's been posted on CSR obviously check the front page but also check fanshots. If a member has already posted on it and includes at least a one line description then putting it at top of the river might be all that is needed and quicker.

a. If you prefer to make a post on the topic giving the member a hat tip is always well received and promotes continued member contributions.

b. To add Breaking News to the red breaking news banner at the topic of the front page access the Layout link from the Editorial Menu page. The click the Add Breaking News link at the top of the river to open the form for putting in the news. Typically do not leave breaking news up in the red bar for more than a day.

8. Blog Layout Tool - Adjusting the blog story layout is accessible from the Editorial Menu bar; Managers are primarily responsible for the layout but Editors may make changes as they see fit provided they know how to use the layout tool. The general rule is to keep pertinent stuff towards the top and remove stuff form the bottom.

9. Bug Reports - When members mention via comment or email of bugs or other problems please submit them to SBN via They are typically pretty responsive and you can track the ticket via fogbuzz.

10. Featured Poll - The front page left sidebar has a poll that can be pulled in from either a post or the Polls drop down from the Editorial Menu bar. Editors help keep the poll fresh by featuring new ones form other posts or adding their own. The feature icon is the one that looks like a medal.

11. Make sure authored posts are being placed in the proper sections, hubs and story streams in addition to being placed in the river. Here's the current understanding of how to utilize each of these types of Groups:

a. Sections - Broad classifications that are typically valid year round or a good portion of the year. Section contents are accessing from the menu bar at the top of the river and the Active Sections feature section down the left sidebar.

b. Hubs - Hubs have several uses. They can be used for topics that might be a sub set of a section but has a limited period of validity. They could be on a particular stand-alone topic or serve as a collecting point for specific authors. See examples below. Hubs are placed in the river but do not have to be in the river to remain active.

c. Story stream - A story stream is typically used for breaking news when we are getting info out quickly with the intent of adding updates as the story develops.

d. Example 1: A section on NFL Draft might hold all posts related to the draft; a 2013 NFL Draft Hub would collect 2013 NFL draft posts until the draft is over and then be removed from the river; a story stream on the first day of the draft would post draft developments as updates throughout the day

e. Example 2: A section on Panther Game Recaps will contain all game recaps; a Hub could contain all 2012 recaps until the next season starts, then it is removed from the river. A story stream would contain all stories related to a particular game until the next game comes and then be removed from the river.

12. Adding or Editing Groups - Select Groups from the Editorial Menu bar to see the current list of groups, listed as either a section or a hub.

a. To create a hub you must first create the section and then make the hub from that. I don't know why, that's just the way it works. If you want a section and hub to have the same name then you have to create the section, turn it to a hub and then create the same section.

13. Sponsored Posts - These are the responsibility of Managers and typically are not the responsibility of Editors unless specifically tasked by a Manager. If you have a question about a sponsored post please don't hesitate to ask.

14. Panther Game threads - The official game thread for every Panther game is the only specific thread we are contractually bound to post. Hence Managers typically take care of game threads but will ask for help if it's needed. They are the only threads where we are a little more lenient on foul language though abusive language in never tolerated.

15. Open Threads - Editors are free to put up open threads when they feel it is warranted. Traditional uses of open threads besides Panther games is other NFL games such as Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night football, major college football days, the draft, training camp and Off-Topic threads.

16. Pages - Pages are holding places for informational documents used by the blog platform or Editorial staff. This document is an example. Pages are accessible only from the Editorial Menu bar or when a specific url link is inserted someone else on the internet. Editors may create and utilize pages for any CSR related activity.

17. Assets - Assets are typically pictures or GIFs we save so as to make it easier to reuse them at a later time.

18. Widgets - A Widget is specific code that can be inserted into the blog or sidebar to add some type of value but was made pretty much obsolete with the new release. Editors should not have a need for a widget other than those available in the right sidebar of the Editor tool.

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