Panthers Training Camp Count Down - 12 Days to Go

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I'm counting down the days until we meet in Spartanburg for the start of training camp at Wofford College. We are finalizing the meet-up details and will have it posted soon.

I do realize TC actually starts on Friday July 25th with Fanfest in Charlotte but the real action starts in Spartanburg the following day. If anyone will be at Fanfest please take some pictures and share with your fellow Panther fans here on CSR.

Today I'm in the mood to share some of my past experiences as well as what I'm looking forward to...or not looking forward too. Obviously there isn't too much bad stuff or I wouldn't go every year.

I'm looking forward to a Kraken Sub from Monster Subs

I've heard a lot about them but haven't had the pleasure myself. That will change this year as it will be part of the meet-up agenda; most likely Saturday before camp starts that afternoon.

I'm Not Looking Forward to Heat

I live in SC and should be used to the heat but man it seems to cook extra hot in the bowl that is the Wofford practice facility. You can find a little shade at Gibbs stadium on Saturday but its scarce outside of the few trees on the Sunday practice fields. If you are going bring the sunscreen.

I Am Looking Forward to Spending Some Quality Time with My Oldest Son

It's become an annual event for us that surprisingly even he looks forward too. He didn't even flinch this year when I brought it up as far as wanting to go. I know the first couple were boring for him but now at 11 years old it is peeking his interest. I'm thinking its something we will keep going for a long time.

I'm Not Looking Forward to the Autograph Seeking Crowds

I get that most fans that attend are mainly looking for an autograph, I'd like to get a couple myself. But the ones who blatantly offer the fact they are just going to put the item on eBay tick me off. These are the guys pushing kids out of the way so they can get multiple items signed just for profit. My son and I almost got trampled two years ago when Cam came our way.

I Am Interested to See the Wide Receivers in Action

I already mentioned my desire to size up Kelvin Benjamin but that extends to the wide receivers as whole given the majority of the group is new to the team. At TC one the few positions you can really get a good handle on the WRs and their ability to run routes and catch balls in the isolation drills. The biggest 'ooos' and awwwws' always come when someone hauls in a tough catch or a deep ball.

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