CSR Training Camp Meet-up 14 Day Count Down

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

We have two weeks until we meet up in Spartanburg, SC to evaluate the 2014 version of the Carolina Panthers. As I count down the days I will reminisce about previous camps as well as go over the things I'm most excited to see.

As I sit impatiently two weeks out, here's what excites me at the moment (from a football perspective anyway).

I can't wait to size up Kelvin Benjamin

Getting a look at the rookies is always a sub-event of training camp. Is he as big as he sounds? Is he fluid on the field? How does he react to the fans? Etc...Hopefully he will meet with the fans, sign autographs, either before or after practice so I can see him up close (and get an autograph). Though I'm not worried about the WR position as many are, I will be keeping an eye on Benjamin throughout the weekend.

Does Cam appear to be favoring the foot he had surgery on?

Obviously I hope he is 100% but until I see him running around like normal I'll be looking for it. Once I see the usual and amazing Cam though I'm sure it will be a distant memory as I instead issue many 'ooooos' and 'awwwwwwws'.

How Does the Offensive Line Look in Pads?

Though I expect the Panthers to be in shells only at Saturday's practice as Gibbs stadium they should be full pads the following day. In certain practice drills we will get our first look at Byron Bell and Nate Chandler trying to handle edge speed at their new positions. I won't be drawing any final conclusions based on a single practice but I am hoping to see a positive development.

How are the Return Guys Catching the Rock?

Nothing sticks out more in a bad way at TC than a return guy fumbling the catch. More than that, are they catching the ball with confidence? Are they timing the catches with a turn up field? With Ted Ginn exiting in the offseason the Panthers will be fielding new punt and kick off returners. This presents the risk of a drop off in performance as well the risk of ugly turnovers.

Of course, I'm Anxious for the CSR Meet up!

Every training camp I meet CSR members in person for the first time. So I'm curious to see who can make it this year. Of course I'm hopeful all of the regulars show again this year so our group continues to grow. The more Panther fans the merrier.

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