What I Can't Do Without Tournament: Meat vs Smoking

Gareth Cattermole

Today we have two giants squaring off in a match that promises to be very intriguing.


In our last match, the #2 seed(phone) took out the #7 seed(non-football sports) by taking 62% of the vote.


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to deny yourself the pleasure of eating meat? For most, this has never even been a consideration, let alone a fleeting thought. What we consume on a daily basis is a habit which has been cultivated from the time we were born. It's part of who we are in some respects. To change how we eat for any extended period of time would indeed require a complete lifestyle change. Unless you're already a vegetarian, this may be an easy decision.

I wonder how many of you are presently controlled by the overwhelming power of nicotine. Studies have shown that there has been a domestic decline in the use of cigarettes over the past decade or so, but the utilization of marijuana is currently rising. This is a testament to both its growing recreational and medicinal usage. Of course, there are other more highly addictive and destructive substances to smoke. These include crack, meth, heroine and others I know nothing about. From my perspective, life is too short and valuable to risk it all by getting high on these specific drugs. I digress.


Here are the rules in deciding which of these two categories is more important to you. If you vote meat, then you're forfeiting the right to smoke(smokeless tobacco included) any substance for 3 Months. If you vote smoking, then you're saying that you'll be a vegetarian for 3 Months. By the way, this means that you are abstaining from any meat in any form. In other words, anything that has a face. If being a vegetarian in your world means excluding all meats from your diet except those that live in the water, then that is your view. However, this perspective won't fly in this tournament. The last time I checked, aquatic wildlife still have a face and are composed of flesh and blood.

So which will you deem to be more important to you? Meat or Smoking

Football 1 Internet
8 Dairy 8 Fantasy
4 Alcohol 4 Games
5 Caffeine 5 CSR
2 TV 2 Phone
7 Sugar 7 Sports
3 Meat
6 Smoking
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