Food for your thought, Cam Newton a top 5 QB next season?



Cam Newton, doesn't that name sound familiar? Ahh yes, how could i forget, he is only the most dynamic Qb drafted in the recent decade! But is he right now, a top 3 QB? Could he make a run for the highly touted MVP trophy? Food for your thought? I'll take the steak!

Offensive improvement in Cam's benefit, or is it?

As we all held our breath, popcorn bowls, and mock drafts close to heart on May the 8th, we awaited Roger Goodel's make way to the stage to announce our pick. On the left we have a pack of snarling dogs chanting the name MARQISE LEE!! On the right, we have People chanting the name MORGAN MOSES!! Boy were we shocked when the name Kelvin Benjamin slithered out of Goodel's mouth! It almost at first seemed as it someone farted in the room and we were so disgusted that we just stopped having emotions at first. But then, we began to realize, oh yeah. That's the big dude from FSU who caught the clutch catch to win the BCS. Then we began to reconcile on a pick well done! Go back a few months and we lost some key players. Ted Ginn, Steve Smith, Brandon Laffel (TEHE). But we added some in the mix, Jerricho Cotchery, Jason Avant, Ed Dickson. And we lost an even BIGGER thing. Jordan Gross. We are STILL in pain from his retirement. In leave let's summarize...

Additions: Jerricho Cotchery, Jason Avant, Kelvin Benjamin, Trai turner, and Ed Dickson (notables)

Losses: Steve Smith, Ted Ginn, Brandon Laffel, and Jordan Gross. (notables)

Did we win? EHH, it's very tough to decide whether or not we won or lost. So i think Cam is about in the same shape he was last year.

Cam Newton, A runningback. Or is he a Quarterback?

Cam Newton was actually the 2nd leading rusher for Carolina last year. he was behind D-willy with 585 yards rushing on 111 attempts. 6 touchdowns ain't to shabby for a QB if you ask me. But, my point is, did we really upgrade the o-line enough to make cam the most dynamic QB (rushing wise) in the league next year? Personally to me. I believe we did! Hear me out, we may have lost Jordan Gross, but we did upgrade the inner trenches. Trai Turner was a bulldozer in LSU's rushing game success. Cam Newton oftenly runs up the middle when he scrambles on those goal-line jumps. BUT, we did lose big time in the passing game. Gross was a stud last year, Bell, well, he isn't a Jordan Gross to put things nicely. So in retrospect, cam wins in the run game, but is batted down through the air because of o-line deficiency.

Let's Compare Cam to the 32 other projected starters..

Matt Ryan: Worse
Drew Brees Better
Josh Mccown Worse
Jay Cutler Worse
Aaron Rogers Better
Matthew Stafford Worse
Teddy Bridgewater Worse
Nick Foles Worse
Tony Romo (haha) Worse
Eli Manning Worse
Russel Wilson Worse
Colin Kaepernick Worse
Carson Palmer Worse
Sam Bradford Worse
Peyton Manning Better
Alex Smith Worse
Matt Shaub Worse
Andrew Luck Worse
Tom Brady Worse
EJ Manuel Worse
Geno Smith Worse
Ryan Tannehill Worse
Joe Flacco Worse
Johnny Manziel? Worse
Big Ben Worse
Andy Dalton Worse
Blake Bortles Worse
Titans? Worse
Phillip Rivers Worse
Texans? Worse

So i just provided you my thoughts. Those are the 31 other Qb's contesting Cam from being a top 3 Qb. I AM NOT BEING BIASED. I rank it how it is for 3 factors. Dynamical, Clutch, and Potential. People may question me putting Cam above Brady, Luck, and Wilson. But honestly, there are only 3 Qb's better than Cam right now. Brees, Rogers, and Peyton Manning. Cam Newton is a top 5 Qb IMO. With what he works with, with his potential, his dynamics, and his drive to be better.

So what are your thoughts CSR? Is Cam Newton a top 5 Qb next season? Wait, hold on a minute. I have to order my food. yes, i'll have fries with my steak dear. Yes i want steak sauce...



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