Today's Oxymoron: Steve Smith and Humble Pie

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

I imagine Steve Smith will be a little less animated in his first training camp with the Ravens. He does have a bit of a reputation following him. Though his excitement level may be less than we were used to seeing in training camp with the Panthers you can bet he will still be a charm in front of the reporters.

Case in point. Who else can pull off serving humble pie to reporters while smiling doing it?

Ravens' Steve Smith ready to serve 'humble pie' to critics
"I love competition. And also, obviously, you guys seem to always have something to say and have a comment, so I love to read those," Smith said. "And I'd like to serve a little humble pie to you and do a little bit better than what you think."

So to clarify, Smith isn't eating humble pie at the Ravens camp, he is going to serve it up! At least to the reporters he so loves to talk too. Yes that chip that has been on Smith's should for 13 seasons is still there and motivating the height challenged receiver as much as ever. Smith has never needed another player to disrespect him to get motivated. Smith will set up that straw man himself and then knock him down. It's one of the things that has made him an All Pro and one of my favorite players of all time. It's also one of the reasons he's going to have a rejuvenated season for the Raven's.

Yes, he will be fantasy worthy! So get ready for a big season by putting him on your draft board. John Harbaugh sees it:

"I think he fits in," Harbaugh said. "He's our kind of guy in a lot of ways. We're getting to know him, he's getting to know us. I just like what he stands for. I like the competitor, I like the fighter in him, the toughness. I also think he's a really good player. And I'll say this: watching him out here at practice, he's still a really good player. There's no doubt."

The Ravens CBs are already seeing it in OTAs:

Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb said Smith is still as "strong as on ox" and already forcing the defense to raise its level of play, something Smith promised to do on Sundays in the fall despite his advancing age. Asked if he's worried about outside perception he's no longer a threat to opposing corners, Smith answered: "I couldn't rarely care less about that. "The DB that's gonna be sitting in front of me, he's gonna find out how much I have left in the tank. And we'll find out real quick."

Which leaves us with another Smitty classic:

Steve Smith is ready to serve some humble pie!

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