Mayock Mock: Another trade back for Panthers


This time it's the Raiders who trade up with the Panthers to nab a QB at #28.

In my Mock Draft Round-up yesterday SBN's Ryan Van Bibber had the Panthers trading back with the Raiders though he didn't specify the price. Today it's Mayock in what is a very interesting 1st round mock:

2014 NFL Mock Drafts : Mock Draft 1.0: Manziel heading to Dallas
*Projected trade with Carolina With the tackles and WRs in the draft decimated, the Panthers find a trade partner with Oakland, which trades from No. 36 and gives up a fourth- and sixth-round pick. The Raiders get a QB to develop behind Schaub, while the Panthers can still get a tackle like Joel Bitonio in the next round.

That's probably a pretty fair value to move up and nab a QB and I think the Panthers would agree if they couldn't pry that 3rd rounder away from them. The Panthers would then have 9 picks in a very deep draft. They could then roll the dice on a couple prospects by double dipping at WR and OT. I love it!

Looking at the other 31 picks my first surprise is seeing the Browns pass on Manziel and Watkins at #4. Sure Matthews will be a very good player but a RT is not the impact player the Browns should want to garner with a top 5 pick. They have quality starters at OT already.

Johnny Manziel to the Cowboys? I had to call my buddy Dave Halprin the SBN Cowboy's blogger to vet this notion and here's what he has to say via IM:

Halprin: no, it's BS, ain't happening

Jaxon: It's like he's trying to stir shit up

Halprin: it's called drawing traffic... pretty sad for Mayock to do it

So there you go but I'm sure it has stirred up some controversy in the Cowboy fanbase. Personally I still think Manziel will go top 8 in spite of all these wild last minute predictions. My other thoughts on this mock:

  • I think the Bears will go defensive line instead of CB at that spot, especially with Aaron Donald still on the board
  • I can't see the Rams going WR though Beckham is a good pick in that spot. He won't last much longer past that spot.
  • Barr to the Cardinals is a value pick but I think they will be the team that grabs Derek Carr.
  • I think both the Patriots and the 49ers wound take Verrett over Amaro or Tuitt in that scenario. They both desire CBs.
So what do you think of Mayock's mock draft?
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