First Round Prediction

Last year I did a quick draft prediction for the first round pick and said if Star was there, I would have an orgasm on the couch. At my age, those are valuable and my wife was not happy. Anyway, I'm writing this quick note this year because I did it last year and I am superstitious and somehow believe maybe I have some mojo that might result in a player falling.

We are now in this draft and it is VERY difficult. Besides the fact they are picking so late, you also have the uncertainty of the quarterbacks. This leads to two possible scenarios. The first is that quarterbacks are taken early, and the second is that they aren't and people will want to trade up. Either way, the Panthers benefit, though I hope for the second scenario. So, I am going to cheat and do two predictions

Prediction One:
Calvin Pryor. If the quarterbacks are off the board, then somebody will slip. I thought Morgan Moses for a while, but I also think will be gone. I have noticed some things in recent drafts. One of those things is that OTs go earlier than expected. Calvin Pryor would be exceptional value at 28 and is a hard hitting safety that will really boost our secondary. Yes, we have bigger needs, but I don't see a huge drop off on the receivers that will be available in the second round and I think there is a huge drop off in OT after Moses.

Prediction Two:
Trade down into early second round and take Allen Robinson. He will be a great addition. Though I prefer Matthews, I think they are very interested in Robinson, but not at 28. He is a big receiver and Gettleman believes in size. He has good hands and runs routes. He's not a burner, so the X wouldn't be the best place for him. However, he should be a solid number 2 receiver that has an outside shot of being a one.

Pick that will make me scream NOOOOOOOO!!! and seek my gun to shoot my TV:
Kelvin Benjamin. There was once a boxer nicknamed "little hands of stone". Well, Benjamin has "big hands of stone". He dropped 10.2% of his passes. I for one am absolutely sick of dropped passes. After Colbert, Jarret, Lafell and Ginn (yes...I said it...Ginn. He couldn't catch a ball unless he was turned toward the QB), I can't stand another one. In addition, he has poor route running and ran a 4.6 40. So, he's slow, can't run routes, and can't catch the ball. Other than that he would be a great receiver. Oh...he can't block either.

Pick that will make me pray that Gettleman knows what he's doing:
Cyrus Kouandijo. He worries me. Star flunked his physical last year, but we consistently heard from multiple sources that he was OK and there was no heart problem. On Cyrus, it has been crickets. Other than the statement from the Dr that did his surgery stating that he didn't botch the surgery, I've heard nothing that says his knee is OK.

Orgasm on the couch pick:
Eric Ebron. I know. He won't be there. However, he has the best chance of the "no way he falls to us" guys of falling. I think better than the chance of Beckham being there. I've seen a couple of mock drafts that have him falling. If there is a big run on QBs (I'm talking 6 taken in first round) there is a small chance. TEs tend to be picked later than they are projected and he could be passed by for OTs, WRs, CBs and DEs. I think that big pass catching tight ends are as good as number 1 receivers. They create match up problems because they are too big for DBs to cover and too fast for LBs to cover. Cam performed very well with two tight ends. With the questions on the offensive line, two pass catching tight ends would allow him to get the ball out quick. Ebron would have an immediate major impact on the offense.

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