NFL Draft 2014: Mayock Unveils Last Top 100 Prospects List

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the clock slowly ticks down to Thursday, one of the draft's strongest and most prominent evaluators unveiled his final Top 100 Prospects list.

Mike Mayock unveiled his updated top 100 prospects list just a few days before the draft, and there are a few surprises. The biggest surprise on the list is that Mayock lists pass rusher Khalil Mack over Jadeveon Clowney, a prospect hailed to be the best defensive prospect in a long time. There were reports stating that the Texans may consider passing on Clowney for Mack as he was a more natural fit for the Texans defense. Could it be a smokescreen? Could the Texans be looking for teams to jump up to grab Mack over Clowney? I doubt it, but anything can happen in the draft.

Here's some more takeaways:

3. Mayock has been "banging the table" for Notre Dame's Zack Martin, the only prospect capable of playing all five offensive line positions at a high level. Martin is ranked No. 9 overall, bolstering Mayock's contention that four offensive tackles will go off the board in the first 13 picks.

4. LSU's Odell Beckham appears to be settling in as the consensus third wide receiver, behind Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans. Mayock ranks Beckham No. 17 overall, four spots ahead of Brandin Cooks (No. 21) and nine ahead of Kelvin Benjamin (No. 26).

It appears Mayock thinks Martin will go high in the draft, as he has four offensive tackles in his top 12 prospects. Martin at this point appears to be a pipe dream for the Panthers, and the run on OT's may leave the Panthers with little to no value at the position at 28 should Moses or Cyrus not be available as well.

Here's a few things I took notice of with Mayock's list:

1.  Mayock has 5 receivers ranked ahead of Marquise Lee. Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Cooks, and Benjamin (in that order), with Lee ranked as his 28th overall prospect. However, Mayock also has a RB in Sankey and a few cornerbacks ranked ahead of Lee, and based on the needs of some of the teams in the top 27, it wouldn't shock me if Lee isn't there either at our pick. It's starting to appear to me that cornerback will hold the most value.

2. Mayock has 3 QB's in his top 32 players, Manziel, Bortles, and Carr. A big topic of debate has been whether ANY QB's will go in the first. It appears Mayock thinks so, and I agree with the three he picked.

3. Mayock has Cody Latimer ranked as his 50th overall prospect, ahead of Austin Seferian-Jenkins at 51. Mayock has him ranked as the 7th overall wide receiver in this draft. If the draft falls that way Latimer may not be there for us in the 2nd round as we pick at 60th overall.

3. Morgan Moses is ranked as the 47th overall player* on Mayock's board, which shows that Mayock may consider Moses a reach. However, due to need we may see him as a Panther come Thursday.

What are your thoughts, Panthers fans?

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