One BIG move worth making

Streeter Lecka

So peep this like a 12 year old boy with a hot 28yr old woman dressing with her curtains open. Ha!

Disclaimer: Please, if you are going to comment on OTHER glaring issues after reading, namely the O-line, half the rosters being RBs although our superstar RB is actually a QB lol and so on, just don't. This is a micro not a macro analysis, I just am dumbfounded at how the Panthers haven't been chomping at the bit!


Now while personally, I have considered him not only elite which I don't think anyone could deny, but consistently in the top 3-6 WRs since 2008, and literally, would be the PERFECT addition. Probowl every year less 1 injured year. Ranked at worse, 15th in the NFL top 100 players since it started ranking them.

A little history lesson, last year, 109 receptions, over 1400 yards... on a 2-14 team with no competent QB?! Essentially what Josh Gordon did last year, he's done... for a decade.

Ignoring 2011 due to injury and missing most of the year, in the last 5 seasons, 3 of them he was just under 1600 yards in each season, the other two, one over 1400 yards and one over 1200 yards in which he missed 3 games. In all but the last season mentioned he cleared 100 catches. Averages about 14 YPC! Already holds records for the most seasons with 100+ receptions in NFL history and Most seasons with 100+ receptions and 1,400+ yards. All of this, while playing with one of the top 3 RBs at the time. Did I mention he is 2nd all-time in avg YPG in NFL history?

Guess who yet?

He has always carried himself in a respectable manner, puts the team first, reliable and humble, but come game-time, shows up and shows out, and just like Smitty, ON the field he's a monster, ask Smitty's old punk Cortland Finnegan what passion means lol. Loyal to his team as well, stayed on the ship as it sunk, and did nothing but put up pro-bowl numbers on a 2-14 team that hasn't gotten him anywhere is whole career but until they turned on him, he never shook the boat, he sunk with it.

ANDRE JOHNSON. Can you fathom what getting him would do?! 1) No more "who will be/do we need a #1 WR". In turn allows the actual WRs smoothly fit into roles they should be in. 2) Will help KB's growth, with similar size and skill set, he won't have to try to live up to being a #1 but can develop, learn, grow, and become a lethal combo rivaling Marshall/Jeffrey and Julio/Roddy and the likes. 3) Sir Cam Newton. Andre is elite, no argument, just consider the numbers he consistently put up when he was the ONLY WR threat, and had an elite RB in the backfield, so he made the best of it when they chose to throw. Now put him with Cam, finally a 1000+ yard receiver, and KB and Olsen, the new guys, the running game. Cam will excel. There's no question with Andre about his effort or lack of experience, or "are they trying to use a bunch of #3's to cover the lack of talent?" And his size gives him added comfort, being able to see him over any DB, as well as his talent forcing double teams, opening KB Olsen Cotch and Avant for Cam.



This isn't a Hakeem Nicks, Saunders, Rice, Miles Austin, J Jones, Edelman, Holmes, Britt, and the likes. This is #2 behind Megatron over the last 6-7 years, and he remained ELITE, despite his quarterbacks. The only other WR who was on the market worthy of this novel I am writing lol would be D-Jax as he is a little younger and could potentially... that's the problem... potential. Andre is much less likely to suffer more serious injuries, and while D-Jax does have the speed, we need BIG targets, and he isn't worth the press and drama and contract changes and the diva act. Andre is one of the few ELITE WR's along side Megatron, who are the best and don't need to remind the media daily, just on Sundays. No diva, just a humble football player.

PLEASE CORRECT ME if I am wrong on this part, I think I understand it but not for sure, and would be the one reasons we could use as to why we didnt try to get him, even though if I am wrong it's not a good enough reason lol. MONEY: My understanding would be, if we traded for him, I'm sure a 3rd or 4th would be sufficient seeing how Boldin went for a 6th, but honestly would you say no if they demanded a 2nd rounder; regardless, wouldn't the issue of his salary not be as big of a burden as it appears? Wouldn't the Texans be stuck with the majority, much like we footed $8,000,000 for Beason when we shipped him to NY for a slice of pizza?

Basically, what would the cap hit really be for this season and next (Cam paying time lol)? Wouldn't the Texans pay most of it, and then we could just restructure with him to make the damage minimal. If you can call it damage. Noting my disclaimer at the start, would anyone be opposed Andre Johnson coming to Carolina with Cam, helping KB, taking the weight off our other "solid" pass catchers? I just think this would be the best move of the year and is a perfect match. Figure out a way to make the money work.

Thank you for reading, wish I knew how to submit it to be featured; I'd clean it up and what not, but I really really want to know if anyone opposes this and why. If it is the money please explain.

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