David Foucault has a chance to shine with the Panthers

Streeter Lecka

A big man with a very French name, but there's a lot more to the Panthers undrafted free agent.

Unrealistic expectations are the norm when talking about highly-touted players from the CFL draft. It doesn't matter that these guys are barely seventh round prospects or didn't play on good college teams, hearing their name as a Top 10 pick anywhere breeds excitement. A year ago it was Lindon Gaydosh who never took a snap, now it's David Foucualt -- except this Canadian lineman has a chance to stick and more.

Canoe.ca brings us more information about Foucault, who's already making an impact in OTAs. 

“It was very tough,” he said. “They put, like, 12 plays on the playbook, and you have four hours to (learn) on Friday night, and Saturday morning you have to know everything on the field. No one can do errors. You check all the details, and you have a lot of calls and plays you have to know on the field.

The rookie offensive tackle separated himself from the pack over the weekend and quickly earned a contract. There's no guarantee he'll make the roster, but it showed that he passed the first test that many can't, surviving. 

Foucault garnered attention from other teams too, with both the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts interested in the CFL's fifth overall pick, but he ultimately (and correctly) chose Carolina. That's not because of some chest-protruding bravado or superiority, it's because he legitimately has a chance to make an NFL roster here that he wouldn't in other places.

Simply put: The offensive tackle position on this team is garbage, so bad in fact that even a tin can could shine. The two players currently in running to start at the position are 2013 right tackle Byron Bell and Nate Chandler, both of who are former undrafted free agents that did enough to stick, just like Foucalt is now.

The Francophonic big man will need to bridge the language gap, with his english currently described as "spotty," but initial reports indicate that he's passing the football tests. A far bigger one has already been planned for Foucault, blocking Greg Hardy.

“Yeah, it will get me good experience,” Foucault said. “He’s real fast with his hands, and has speed. Maybe he’ll show me some tricks. It will give me more experience each time.”

It's nice to see him being so chipper about blocking one of the league's best defensive ends and it's fascinating to see the Panthers showing enough confidence to throw him into the deep water. Perhaps it's a sign of belief, maybe it's merely a litmus test -- but either way Foucault could be the player to watch in Spartanburg, rookies, all pros and all.

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