CSR Best Free Agent Tournament: Bracket Update

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

The first round is over, so let's take a look at the bracket before we begin the second round.

Now that the first round is over, here is an updated look at the bracket based on your votes:

Panthers Best Free Agent Tournament

Bill Polian Division

Page Title

1. Jake Delhomme 1. Jake Delhomme ??? ???
8. Brentson Buckner
4. Ricky Proehl 5. Brad Hoover
5. Brad Hoover
3. Stephen Davis 3. Stephen Davis ???
6. Steve Beuerlein
2. Sam Mills 2. Sam Mills
7. Muhsin Muhammad

Marty Hurney Division

1. John Kasay 1. John Kasay ??? ???
8. Derek Anderson
4. Mike Tolbert
4. Mike Tolbert
5. Graham Gano
3. Kevin Greene 3. Kevin Greene ???
6. Lamar Lathon
2. Wesley Walls 2. Wesley Walls
7. Dwan Edwards

As expected, the bulk of the higher seeded players advanced to the second round. Seven of them advanced, in fact, with Brad Hoover being the only underdog to make it through the first round of voting.

First Round Notes

I'm not going to give the vote totals because they are mostly irrelevant, but I will point out two things:

1. The largest margin of victory was Wesley Walls over Dwan Edwards, by an astonishing 50 votes.

2. The smallest margin of victory was Mike Tolbert over Graham Gano, by only 5 votes.

In the first round I counted all votes that used the correct format of "Vote - Player Name" with the exception of letting hyphen placement slide (there were a few votes that didn't space the hyphen properly but got everything else correct). None of the votes that were accepted based on this leniency had any effect on the bracket.

I did not count any votes where names were misspelled, but even if I would have it wouldn't have had any effect on the bracket.

Second Round Notes

The second round will begin tomorrow and go through the weekend. The same voting format from the first round will be used.

Miscellaneous Notes

As of right now, the third round will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday and the final round will be posted on Thursday and run through the weekend. I will allow more time for voting in the final due to the draft taking up most of everyone's time from Thursday night onward. My current plan is to post the winner on Sunday or Monday following the draft, but as with everything else in life, plans are subject to change.

Now that the first round is over, please share your thoughts on the experience of this new format. I'm open to your constructive criticism and any ideas you may have to make this a better format for everyone to enjoy. (Provided you're not an A-hole about it.)

Author's note: A special hat tip goes out to the staff at Cageside Seats who use this tournament format and gave me the idea to try it here at CSR.

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