Are We Putting To Much Faith Into Dave Gettleman

Former Bucs quarterback turned analyst, Shaun King, talks with Mac and Jim on WFNZ about the Panthers, and was very critical about the way GM Dave Gettleman handled the off-season and the draft. Here are a few things he said:

On Dave Gettleman: I’m extremely disappointed in how he’s handled this off-season. He did something that I was disappointed in when he took the job, when he said Cam Newton needed to step up.

I personally don't see a problem with challenging your QB to do better, which Cam did, but then Shaun did say something else that made to start thinging.

This entire off-season should’ve been about one thing for the Panthers, putting as much talent around Cam Newton as possible and they have completely failed their quarterback. They have the least talented offense in the NFC South and that’s sad. That’s extremely sad that the GM has let the quarterback be in a position where he doesn’t have the complimentary parts necessary to excel and do his job.

This is hard to disagree on. I understand that we are a defensive minded team, but if Gettleman is going to tell Newton that he needs to step up, yet gives him no weapons, does that not come off as counterproductive. It's like having the fastest, most luxurious car in the world, but you buy no gas for it. Do you blame and get rid of the car for just sitting in your driveway for years, or do you give it the fuel it needs to run?

Speaking of weapons, Mr. King goes into short detail about that:

On the Panthers wide receivers: I am a huge Kelvin Benjamin fan, but history says it takes rookie wide receivers a year before they get comfortable in this league. For a GM to let Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Teddy Ginn, all of those guys exit stage left, I think it’s embarrassing.

I'm on the fence about that. Although I agree that you could have at least kept someone from last year's team in order for a smoother transition, I just see us replacing one group of production for another group of production. I don't see the number dropping or raising that much when it comes to receiving yards. Only time will tell.

Lastly, a messege from Shaun to the Panther Nation:

I’m being critical of Dave Gettleman, because I hope he hears this and more importantly I want the fan base to hear this. If the Panthers aren’t successful next year, it’s the GM’s fault, because I could see this Carolina situation getting set up for people to blame Cam Newton, if it doesn’t work next year. You guys have the least talented group of offensive skill players in the entire NFC.

Once again, only time will tell, but I will say this, in 2015, Gettleman has no excuse.

My last point, which is more of a question; did we give Gettlman a pass last season because we overachieved last year? In other words, if we was 7-9 last year, would Rivera still have a job, and if not, was it really his fault? Would we still be saying "In Gettleman We Trust", or would we blame cap space and say he is doing the best he can, or, worst yet, would we go back and start wondering why the Panthers was the only team out of 32 to offer Gettleman a job, even though he has been in the league for years?

Just something to think about. Let me know.

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