Work the core, build the outside.



As the draft closes in, it is very evident we haven't addressed the o-line in Free Agency. Does this show us clues onto what we are building towards?

The Panthers free agency has been dismal, clocking in 0 o-line signings 2 wide outs and a few secondary guys. This directs straight to Gettleman's philosophy, build the hog mollies and get potential veteran presences where they can be upgraded. Now, we may not like it, but it is the best philosophy. Plus, we are still building like an old school team, power running and short passes. This year is the first year since the Hurney era that we've had all 7 draft picks, and it couldn't have been in a better year. Deep o-line and wide out draft prospects will never run dry this year. Here's my thought philosophy on this draft..

We preach BPA, but Gettleman is thinking Hog Mollies.

Dave Gettleman may be saying BPA this, BPA that, but his real plan is to build the trenches like last year. Let's be honest, he sees that Silatolu hasn't been consistent, and the injury has basically almost costed him his job. We don't know about Kugbila, but chances are that he isn't gonna be better than another potential role takers. We have given Byron Bell faith at the left tackle, so why not? He was a natural left at New Mexico as well, so let's see if it works out. Right Tackle is a glaring need, and i won't be surprised if we dedicate it for a 1st or 2nd rounder. 1 player that comes in mind is Antonio Richardson from Tennessee. He would play great on our right side, and he would be a bargain in the 2nd round. But that leaves the 1st round open, so who do we take?

David Yankey, Stanford

My favorite prospect, David Yankey should be our 1st round selection. He plays LT/ LG/ RG. He is the best jack of all trades in the draft next to Zack Martin. He is all the worth a 1st round selection at 6"6, a natural leader,and the most intelligent o-lineman in the whole draft. David Yankey possesses all the tools to be a man among boys in the NFL. He is the best down field blocker in the draft, perfect for a run first offense in the NFL. He has amazing footwork and a high motor for late in the game. He has issues though with his hand work and latch and drive. He struggles with hand placement and leading with his helmet on first shot as well.

Can i give you a Hog Mollie of a draft?

1 David Yankey(LT/LG/RG
2 Antonio Richardson(RT
3 Cody Latimer(WR
4 Anthony Steen(G
5 A.J Tarpley(OLB
6 Jeff Janis(WR
7 Jacobbi Mcdaniel(DT

Depth Chart o-line after draft:
LT: Byron Bell. LG: David Yankey. C: Ryan Kalil. RG Amini Silatolu/Anthony Steen. RT: Antonio Richardson.





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