My first post and mockdraft :)

Well I figured I would give this mock draft thing a shot don't be too ruthless on critiquing my picks and evaluations but anyways lets get to business.

I am a huge fan of this pick if he falls to Carolina in the first. Before the season started it was an easy case to say Lee would be the first receiver taken in the 2014 draft. Now that it has commenced others have emerged as favorites specifically Sammy Watkins all because of that one season. People need to take into consideration Lee had a new experience last year dealing with injuries which he had never done before. Not to mention the lack of a solid presence under center or a sturdy head coach in the locker room. Take all of that into consideration and it makes more sense why Lee had lackluster numbers and could still easily be the best wideout in this draft class.

This was a case of best player available and well he fills a need. Joyner is a coach’s player he will do whatever you ask of him. He can play safety and corner and he is a very good open field tackler. He has the explosiveness to run the nickel blitz that Munnerlyn did and he plays the ball very well in the air. All in all I imagine him making an immediate impact on an already top 5 defense.

I love this guys tape. He will more than likely be a day one starter as he posses the physical tools to be a very effective tackle opposite of the Panthers staff favorite Bell. I have just decided to accept the fact Bell is starting at left tackle and I pray they are right about him for Cam’s sake but with Turner locking down the right side I still like the upside of this line.

Well here we are back to best player available yet again and could develop into a starter but at the very least will add some much need cornerback depth with some very good speed. With Julio Jones coming back and with Brees and Ryan around it will be nice having some fresh legs if Cason and White get gas-ed. He will be a nice rotational piece to this defense.

This is by far my favorite pick of the draft. Scouts have been quoted saying "He is a quarterbacks best friend." I see no reason to believe otherwise. He managed a 4.46 40 which isn’t that impressive but by no means is it a reason to look away from him. He benched 225 20 times and with his 5’9 192 stature is very impressive. He is a very shifty slot receiver who thrives on making a 5 yard catch a 15 yard gain. Campanaro is also a very good route runner he finds ways to settle into zones or adjust his route just enough to give his qb a good throwing lane. He will be a nice piece in Shulas methodical offense with the shorter crossing patterns he enjoys running. In my eyes I see a Wes Welker type player who will be a nice weapon for Cam if the pocket does collapse around him he can simply throw bailout passes to Camp that can turn into first downs very easily.

Time for Gettleman to get one of his beloved hog mollies on the interior line. While his tape shows some footwork issues he has tools you simply can’t teach. He is a big player with strength who is just lacking some proper guidance and aggression to impose his will on others in the trenches. WIth a little grooming he could be a great late round pick up and a starter for years to come but at first just a nice rotational guy who can help out an offensive line trying to rebuild.

This will probably not be a very popular pick. He is not Gettleman’s typical guy but if he is here I just do not see how you can say no to this man. He lacks something that every other pick on my mock has and that is character. He has successfully tanked his draft stock with poor interviews. This man has intangibles that scream I will be a very successful pass rusher at the next level. Great initial burst off the line and has great length to bat down passes once he uses that strong initial push. He doesn't have to bully his way all the time though he posses very pleasing quickness off the edge and can utilize a full arsenal of rush tactics.

Well that is my draft please leave comments with any critiques you may have or just tell me how you think I did. Thank you for your time!

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