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The draft is right around the corner and our mock drafts are coming in hot, but who's mock is the most superior? In this one i use what I've heard and read.

Ron Rivera and Dave Gettleman have stated their love and lust for hog mollies. So it would be foolish to say we aren't taking a lineman in the first,,, right? Well, it's not that simple since Rivera stated we are gonna give Bell a shot at the LT. Meaning that we are probably leaning more towards trying to find a Right Tackle in the draft. A few right tackles that come to mind are James Hurst, Tiny Richardson, and a mixture guard with a knack of being able to slide to guard and tackle David Yankey. Honestly, i could definitely see us double dipping at o-line this year. Now let's talk about receiver bait.

As of now we haven't exactly expressed our love and lust for receivers this off-season. We have met with a few guys, but no notables outside of Marqise Lee and Brandin Cooks. Our receiver lovers out there might be disappointed this year with what we do with receiver in the draft if Lee, Cooks, and OBJ aren't there. I could definitely so us looking toward receiver in the second round, I see some big names being there when we draft like Landry, Robinson, Matthews, Moncrief, and a few others. I expect a receiver taken in the 2nd or 3rd round. But not the first.

I would say we are interested in Secondary, but we have pretty much addressed that this off-season we have gotten Antone Cason and a few other notable corners. Along with Roman Harper and a returning Godfrey. The only way i see us taking a safety is if all offensive talent is dry in the first and HCD or Pryor is sitting there at 28. Maybe if Jimmie Ward is there in the second we could snag him to replace Godfrey if we decide to post June first cut him.

With those things in factor i am going to do 3 mocks for you guys, and you can vote for your favorite.

Mock Heavy O-line dream:

1: Morgan Moses (LT
2: David Yankey (RG, RT
3: James Hurst (RT
4: Josh Huff (WR

In this mock i take 3 o-linemen. We put Moses straight into the LT and forget about the bell project. I then take Yankey assuming he will take over the right tackle, but then we see that James Hurst has fallen to our spot and he is the BPA. So we now have a legit RT and the best right guard in college at our disposal. And the best part about him? he can slide over to replace injured team mates. I then take Josh Huff in the 4th, he was an Oregon Duck and had a very well productive. He would be expected to be a #1 receiver and replace Smitty. Huff lead the Duck receiving core with an iron fist.

Depth chart with this mock~

O-line: LT Morgan Moses LG Amini Silatolu C Ryan Kalil RG David Yankey RT James Hurst

WR's #1 Josh Huff #2 Jerricho Cotchery #3 Tiquan Underwood #4 Tavares King

Mock Heavy Receiver dream:

1: Odell Beckham Jr.(WR #1
2: Donte Moncrief (WR#2
3: C.J Fiedorwicz (TE#2
4: Seantrel Henderson

In this mock we get 2 near elite receivers at the place we are drafting. We then decide to take C.j and plug him in next to Olson to help Cam flourish with weapons. We then take a shot at a big character issue in Henderson, but he is a beast at blocking.

Depth chart with this mock~

WR's #1 OBJ #2 Donte Moncrief #3 Jerricho Cotchery #4 Tiquan Underwood
TE's #1 Greg Olson #2 C.J Fiedorwicz
O-line LT Byron Bell LG Amini Silatolu C Ryan Kalil RG Edmund Kugbila RT Seantral Henderson

Balanced Dream Mock:

1 Xavier Sua Filo(G/T
2 Jarvis Landry (WR
3 Cyrus Kouandjio (T
4 Dri Archer (RB/WR

In this mock we take a force of nature in XSF, he is a stud run blocker and stud pass block. He can play Tackle and Guard like a pro. Jarvis Landry is a no brainer in the second. Kouandjio falls all the way to the 3rd because of recent issues and emerging knee issue (supposedly). Many may wonder why we take another running back, but Archer is a beast. The second coming of Darren Sproles if you will. It'd be a fortune if he fell to the 4th somehow.





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