McNabb Weighs in on Newton and Panthers Offseason

Hannah Foslien

If you were to seek the best former QB to compare Cam Newton to it would have to be Donovan McNabb. The two are very similar in not only size and talent but career trajectory as well. The former star Eagle QB is a big fan of Newton's but not so much of the Panthers offseason to date.

Like many of us McNabb is wondering what the plan is when the Panthers let the entire receiving corp leave in a single offseason:

Why should Carolina Panthers be worried? Ask Donovan McNabb - ESPN
"Oh, I would be worried," McNabb told on Wednesday before South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney began his pro day. "First of all, I didn't have a top wide receiver until pretty much T.O. [Terrell Owens] got there. "For him, I'm just wondering what they are doing to build around him. You lose Brandon LaFell, you lose Steve Smith, Ted Ginn's gone. All you have at this point is Greg Olsen."

As the article points out that prior to the arrival of Owens McNabbs stats suffered and the offensive production as well. The Eagles couldn't sniff the playoffs until the Eagles landed their #1 WR. Even so McNabb isn't sold on the need for a bevy of top notch receivers but he does believe the Panthers need a #1 caliber receiver:

"But you've still got to give him some help," he said of Newton. "The quarterback is only as good as the people around him. If you don't ever want him to throw to a player that can create big plays out of the passing game, it's not going to go well."

I fully agree you have to have playmakers who can score, not just possession receivers which is essentially what LaFell and Smith had turned into last season.

I found this comment funny:

And to Rivera's argument that the Panthers don't have to have a bona fide No. 1 receiver to be successful, McNabb simply rolled his eyes. "I hate when teams [say] that," McNabb said. "Who are they, Bill Belichick and the Patriots now?"

Yet you can see what the Patriots have done without a #1 WR...not much. Okay yes they make the playoffs pretty much every year but they are beatable.

McNabb finishes with some nice praise for Newton, the kind of praise I think he didn't get enough of last year:

"The biggest thing is they're going to benefit from making the playoffs," McNabb said. A record of "12-4 is not easy. What did they do? Win eight straight? That says a lot, and the quarterback is responsible for that."

The Panthers defense got a lot of credit for last season's 12 wins and deservedly so but let's remember that during the winning streak the offense was doing it's part too, at least enough to win. In many cases it was only through the amazing feats of Newton, something we haven't seen from a big QB since McNabb himself was on the field. I think if anyone who's what Newton is going though it would McNabb so I give his opinion some credence.

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