What top draft picks will the Panther face in 2014

With all the speculation circulating around who the Panthers are going to draft, I'm getting a little restless thinking about who we will have to play. It seems almost unfair that out of all the teams we play this season 5 have a top 10 pick. So regardless of who we steal at 28 I think it might be time to prepare for the rookies we will be facing.

For the record I am basing my mocks off of the draft experts at, I 100% understand that they are only educated guesses but it seems like a fun glimpse into the future.

Browns #4: Sammy Watkins. This could mean that at the end of the season we will be up against a revamped Cleveland offense that has two deep threats in Josh Gordon and Watkins as well as Jordan Cameron and maybe a new RB. I'm not looking forward to facing these guys because we have had a problem in recent years with WRs who take the top off.

Falcons #6: Taylor Lewan, Greg Robinson, maybe even Clowney or Mack. This bothers me the most because A) the Falcons are a good enough team to not have such a high draft pick B) I want Lewan or Robinson on our team C) they could easily trade up and take a menace of a pass-rusher and D) whoever they do get we have to play twice.

Bucs #7: Mike Evans. Really guys!!!!! The falcons have 6 and the bucs have 7? Vincent Jackson will mold this kid into a star and if they decide to pass on him Detriot isn't far behind. Again another guy I want on our squad.

Vikings #8: Blake Bortles / Anthony Barr: I really hope they take a young QB so our jungle cats can feast on him after we hold AP to under 100 yards...again!...but time will tell.

Lions #10: Eric Ebron/ Lewan/ Ha Ha. Maybe even Mike Evans but their biggest need is in the secondary so it wouldn't surprise me if they snatched the top safety up but if Ebron is still there it will be hard to pass especially with the decline of Pettigrew.

Bears #14: Aaron Donald. Da Bears (Ditka impersonation) need to fill a hole previously held by Henry Melton and Donald seems to be the best fit. The addition of Lamarr Houston and Jared Allen scares me and it kind of reminds me of what we did with Star last year at this pick. This game is going to be a tough one for Cam, mark the date now Oct. 5th 1pm

Steelers #15: Justin Gilbert/ Daraueze Dennard. The Steelers need a CB and after swooping Mitchell out from under us a day into free agency they are definitely looking to improve their secondary. Let's run it down their throat and make them use that terrible towel to wipe their tears.

Ravens #17: Calvin Pryor. They need a safety and they aren't scared to take them young. It might be a good chance to try and beat them deep seeing as how Matt Elam and Calvin Pryor both go for the big hit in the box. I live in MD and live with a die hard Ravens fan. We might not speak to each other for a while after this game, assuming I'm alive after GOING!!!!! Gotta represent Panthers Nation and well we all know why this game is important.

Packers #21: Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Wait who? I don't know much about him but those cheese heads need a TE and Aaron Rodgers can make anybody look good. Jenkins is also huge but I think Thomas Davis and Luuuukkkeeee can take him.

Eagles #22: Kelvin Benjamin. After the loss of Jackson they are looking to bring in a big body who can make big plays. I'm not so much worried about him as a receiver but more of a giant downfield blocker for their more explosive players. I'd be fine with him coming to the Panthers as well and letting the eagles take Marquise Lee or Odell Jr.

Bengals #24: Kony Ealy/ Timmy Jernigan. Bengals lost Michael Johnson and are looking for guys to feed off of Geno Atkins. It should be a good game but as long as Andy Dalton is the QB we should be fine.

Saints #27: Louis Nix/ Brandon Cooks. Either way I don't want to play either of them twice and I'll be pretty upset if they steal Cooks right before us.

Seahawks #32 Morgan Mosses. Take him! Let our Dline trample him.

Anddddd my pick for the Panthers at 28 is! Carlos Hyde. I'd rather have the best RB in the draft a season before we lose our corps than a 5th rate OL or WR

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