CSR Tournament: Best Free Agent signings in team history

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

The Panthers have signed a lot of free agents since 1995, and some of them were better than others. Let's determine which one was the best using science and stuff. (Science being a 16-person bracket that we vote on.)

Are you tired of talking about the draft yet? If you're like me, you will answer that question with "Yes, I got tired of it two weeks ago." Well, hopefully this tournament will help take your mind off of arguing over prospects that we have a 1.79% chance of drafting.

But why a tournament? Well, tournaments are fun (at least to me). Plus, it's something that we can stretch out for the next month or so to help keep our minds off the dead period between the draft and the start of training camp. If this tournament is a success, there could be the possibility of more tournaments in the future. (The editorial staff kicked around a few ideas when I brought this up a week ago, and some of them were really good.)

Some of you may remember the best and worst Panthers tournaments I did in the past. This tournament will be similar, but I'm going to change the nomination and voting process to make it more streamlined. This time, you are going to determine the field of 16. How are you going to do that? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Before I explain how this is going to work I have to give credit to the guys over at Cageside Seats (SBN's rasslin' blog) because they do these tournaments all the time and it's where I stole got the idea. So, if you're into rasslin', you should give them a look. They do great work over there.

How does the nomination process work?

The nomination process is simple. To nominate a free agent signing, simply type Nominate - [Player Name] in the subject line of the comment box. You must type it in the subject line or it will not count. I repeat, You must type it in the subject line or it will not count. Below is an example of a correct nomination:

Nominate - Ken Lucas

Anything that deviates from this format will be discarded from consideration. (Note: the important things are putting it in the subject line and using the word nominate and the player's name. If you forget the hyphen it is passable.)

Who's eligible for nomination?

All free agents the Panthers have signed since 1995 are eligible to be nominated provided they weren't the team's own free agents (like Greg Hardy). Only players who were brought in via free agency are eligible for nomination. Draft picks, traded players, coaches and front office personnel are ineligible.

Important Notes

IMPORTANT NOTE, PART ONE: If you want to nominate a player whose name has already been nominated, all you have to do is rec the original nomination. This is important for two reasons: 1) it prevents 45 comments with one player's name being nominated which helps keep the comment thread free of debris, and 2) the amount of recs each nomination receives is how the field will be set.

The 16 players with the most nominations will be seeded according to the number of recs received and will fill out the bracket. You can rec as many nominations as you'd like. In fact, you're encouraged to rec multiple nominations.

IMPORTANT NOTE, PART DEUX: In the event of a tie for the 16th spot, a vote will be held to determine the final spot on the bracket. Two-way ties related to seeding will be solved by putting the players on opposite sides of the bracket. Three-way ties related to seeding will be broken by the editorial staff.

IMPORTANT NOTE, PART C: Only the first nomination will count for each player, so if the first one has 3 recs and the 2nd one has 35 recs, the 2nd one is S.O.L. Please check the thread before you nominate a player so this can be as streamlined as possible.

I'm going to leave the nomination process open until 12 p.m. Sunday, April 27. At that point I will gather the information and create the bracket, so be sure to get your nominations in before then!

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