And the Winner of the Pick the Prime Time Games Contest Is...

Streeter Lecka

Matt_Carter for being the first member to correctly pick one Panthers prime time game. Matt correctly guessed the Panthers would play the Eagles on Monday Night football. Congratulations Matt!

We had other members come Oh so close to winning, including my entry. I correctly guessed the Eagles and Saints but had the Eagles on SNF instead of MNF. Even closer I correctly guessed the Saints on TNF but had it as a road game instead of a home game.

The actual prime time games announced last night are:

Steelers @ Panthers SNF

Saints @ Panthers TNF

Panthers @ Eagles MNF

Surrycountycat correctly picked all three opponents but got the nights wrong.

sep6650 correctly picked the Steelers game and Graham GA-Yes correctly picked the Eagles game but did so after Matt_Carter. Close but no cigar.

So again congratulations Matt_Carter on your fine victory! [virtual high five slap]

Moving on...

So now that I've had a little while to absorb the Panthers schedule here are my current thoughts. I like the fact it appears (at this point anyway) that the easier parts of the schedule are the first three games and the last five after the bye week. I don;t really like having the bye that late but at least it does precede the divisional stretch run where we play all three division teams in the last 5 games. Of course the divisional games are never 'easy' per say no matter how badly the team performed the previous season. As we saw in 2014 the schedule can play out much differently than how it looks in April.

I do like the fact we play two of our three potentially cold road games in October, meaning the weather shouldn't be a factor. We do play the Vikings on the road in late December which would normally be indoors at the Metrodome but the stadium is no longer viable and being replaced. The Vikings are building a new stadium and playing outdoors for a season while construction is completed so that could be a snow game for sure.

The heart of the schedule is a tough seven game stretch starting in week 4 that goes like this: @Ravens (8-8), Bears (8-8), @Bengals (11-5), @Packers (8-7-1), Saints (11-5) (TNF), Seahawks (13-3) and Eagles (10-6) (MNF). Come our bye week we should know if we are competing for the division title or not.

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