4 Round Mock draft

1st Round - FS, Calvin Pryor

Has size, and ball skills to be a very talented DB in the NFL very quickly. Not only does he have great ball skills, but he is a very physical hard hitting safety. I would not mind having Godfrey, and Pryor at the back end of our defense. Yes OT is needed, but would you rather have the 2nd best safety or the 5th best OT? Remember Rivera and company made comments after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl that the Seahawks have built the blueprint for success. Don't be surprised if the Panthers address the DB position early... It's needed.

2nd Round - WR, Cody Latimer

Standing at a solid 6ft3, 215 pounds Latimer provides us with an outstanding big target WR and tops off what looks to me like a WR core that is BETTER then last years. This WR group will shock a lot of people it's a very sure handed group something that Lafell, Ginn and even Smitty had problems with last year. All three combined for 19 drops in 2013. Avant, Underwood, and Cotchery combined for 6... (Receptions were close in comparison as we'll) Latimer is just another WR that will catch everything thrown to him.

3rd Round - CB, Stanley Jean-Baptiste

A massive 6ft3 cornerback with a 4.45 workout 40 yard dash this kid is going to be something special. Has very long arms, and excellent ball skills... His main knock is his poor tackling, so was Deion Sanders. I'm not saying he's Deion, but if he falls to the 3rd round simply because he's a poor tackler then we may have struck gold. Our secondary now looks very talented, and Jean will instantly make us forget about the 5ft8 Captain and his 18 million dollar contract Washington gave him.

4th Round - OT, Antonio Richardson

Richardson is the biggest, and strongest tackle in the draft. 6ft6 336 pounds, and 36 reps on the 225 bench (15 more then Cyrus) he will fill a huge void at OT. Richardson will most likely play at the RT position with Byron Bell out at left. Byron Bell is a better LT then Cyrus or Morgan... No I can't see the future, but your talking about the 5th and 6th overall tackles coming in and starting at LT over Bell who has years of pro experience? It's not happening and it would be a waste to draft Moses or Cyrus in the first round and be forced to slide them right. Richardson is a mauler of a tackle, and a road grading beast. Let's not forget he held his own versus Clowney two years in a row...

Well that is my Mock, we get our secondary caught up to our front seven, we add another sure handed WR, we get much needed help on the Oline.

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