A tale of three drafts.

So we’ve spent a lot of time debating what the Panthers should do in the upcoming draft. I’d like to take a brief look at what they could (at least according to fanspeak) do in the draft with some single minded determination.


  1. Marqise Lee WR USC. We’ve talked about him at length in multiple posts. If you can overlook the foul taint of USC the kid's a stud and potential true #1.

  2. Donte Montcrief WR Mississippi. He has also been the topic of a lot of discussion. I had the option to pick ASJ here but when Donte was still there it was a no brainer IMO. Another great athlete with tremendous upside.

  3. Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State. We have not discussed Hyde because of our crowded backfield. He could be a 3 down grinder that moves the chains and solidifies our short yardage run game.

  4. C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa. Has the feel of a nice in-line TE. Big and physical enough to develop into an elite blocker but also quick enough to threaten the seam and has reliable hands.

  5. Bruce Ellington WR SC. Could be Smitty lite. He is a smaller WR but he is tough and plays with a little attitude. Could contribute as a KR day one and could be a nightmare lined up at slot.

  6. Matt Hazel WR Coastal Carolina. Small school player that has a good skill set. Seems to be a good late round developmental pick with upside.

  7. Marcel Jensen TE Fresno St. This is my lottery ticket and that’s what round seven is good for IMO. A big, physical TE that could develop into a monster if he responds well to coaching.

No possible way to complain about giving Cam some offensive support with a draft like that.

Draft #2 GANO is all the offense we’ll need

  1. Kyle Fuller CB VT. Often mentioned as one of the top corners in the draft and a day 1 starter for us.

  2. Ryan Shazier OLB, Ohio State. Too Much value to pass at this slot. Frighteningly fast , good pass coverage skills and lots of range. Probably a day one starter and in the long run a replacement for TD.

  3. Ego Ferguson, DT, LSU an athletic big man to work into the DT rotation. Played well against stiff competition in the SEC.

  4. Marcus Roberson, CB, Florida Oh what a difference the combine can make (at least on fanspeak) could not believe he dropped to the 4th round. Good man coverage skills and can return punts.

  5. Kenny Ladler S Vanderbilt I really like Ladler because he is a gamer. A ball hawk that looks much better on film than on paper.

  6. Prince Shembo OLB Notre Dame, a little more depth at LB and a guy that can develop while contributing on special teams.

  7. Arthur Lynch DE USF a 7th round lotto ticket. Probably more of a 3-4 OLB in the NFL he could return to form and work into the rotation as a pass rusher.

    Bonus UDFA Jonathan Brown, OLB, Illinois a little slow and light for an NFL 4-3 OLB but a tackling machine. Could be a special teams standout and contribute in the LB rotation.

A draft like this and all we need is 9 points a game from Gano because points against us would be hard to get.


  1. Zack Martin OT Notre Dame. Whether you see him as a tackle or a guard I’d just like to see him in black and blue.

  2. Brandon Thomas OG/OT Clemson. Versatile Big man could play Tackle or Guard, can you say bookends.

  3. Travis Swanson C Arkansas. Potentially the best center in the draft and too good to pass on in the 3rd. Good depth and eventual replacement for Kalil.

  4. Justin Ellis DT Louisiana Tech. A king sized hog mollie to work into the DT rotation. Could be a steal in the fourth round.

  5. Dakota Dozier, G, Furman. Gettleman gets his small school guy and we have another potentially good developmental OG.

  6. Marcel Jensen TE Fresno St. A big, physical TE that could develop into a monster if he responds well to coaching. The salad course in this hog mollie buffet.

  7. Justin Britt, OT, Missouri. I think Britt has good upside and the only reason he dropped this low is because he struggled a little this year after coming back from an ACL injury.

Enough big bodies to force assigned seating on the team plane and the foundation for a solid O-line for the next 6-8 years.

I completed all of these Mocks using the Fanspeak board on their simulator. I will admit it took a couple of tries to get drafts that I thought represented each theme. Thanks for taking the time to read and GO PANTHERS.

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