I hate to be a Downer

Every year there is a draft and every year we as fans rack our brains come up with mock drafts, maniacally click on numerous websites trying to divine every bit of information that we can. Some years we’re right, of course we’re generally right for reasons that have nothing to do with the reasons we think we’re right.

Exhibit A.

Star Lotulelei. Last year everyone wanted Star. We actually got happy when it was reported that he might have a heart condition that would allow us to draft him.

This isn’t to pick on anyone but we all did get giddy over the idea of a man having heart condition. I’ll include myself in that.

So why did Star fall. It had nothing to do with his heart. The first DT wasn’t taken until the thirteenth pick by the jets and they picked Sheldon Richardson. Why? It’s the Jets no one knows why the Jets do what they do. Of course it worked out for the them. Sentences like "There is no way Star gets past the Browns at six" were bandied about". Even though what I just said about the Jets goes doubly for the Browns.

Did anyone expect 6 offensive linemen 2 CB’s, three DE, and one wide receiver to go before the first DT was taken. Nope. Well someone probably did. But I didn’t read them. If you read through FO’s chat on draft day most people were surprised about the amount of O line picks.

So what do we know this year. We know that the panthers need in some order, OT, WR, DB. Last year we knew that the Panthers needed DT in that order. We think we know which wide receivers are the best except we have no idea what type of offensive scheme we’re going to run. I mean, I hope not cause what we did last year is not going to work again. The only reason it worked is because Cam Newton makes every third down a possible quarterback draw. We have one of the best long ball throwers in the league and we didn’t throw it long that much last year. I’d swear they inverted Cam’s reads last year.

So What’s going to happen.

No one knows. I don’t even know which wide recievers are the best. Skankdiddy probably does but I don’t. And unless we have an obsessive focus on all 27 teams that are picking ahead of us, we don’t know who’ll they’ll pick.

So here’s to ignorance. And I want to stab whoever decided to push back the draft.

Oh and here's the obligatory Exhibit B

Edmund Kugbila

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