You think long... (Would like to see if I'm alone here)

...You think wrong. I wanted to give my 2 cents, and really just seem if I'm the outlier or if others have the same thoughts.

It's my personal opinion that the Panthers have done (trying to find a word that doesn't overstate nor diminish my thoughts) a poor job thus far in building our upcoming season's roster. To avoid writing a book, I won't address the lack of (if we won't shoot for a good one) a tolerable or acceptable Secondary despite the pass happy league and even moreso division that we play in. Nor will I address how it will be hard even with Megatron and Josh Gordon for Cam Newton to succeed if we keep ignoring the minor issue we have in not having an O-Line. Instead, I will assume at this time we will have another mix n match secondary for 2014 and find a couple guys big enough to stand between the defense and Cam for at least 3-4 seconds.

That out of the way, what bothers me the most right now about my favorite team since they entered the league even though I live 20 minutes from both the Raiders and 49ers, is not how they are doing what they're doing... I'd be happy to be upset about moves they are making, but it's that they aren't doing anything. While I think this is accurate regarding all our personnel issues, I'll keep it related to the Wide Receiver position.

I wish I could be up in arms over certain signings, for example, upset over signing Andre Roberts over Edelman, or question if we overpaid for Sanders, or should Smitty become a #2 and Hakeem Nicks be #1? I wish I could be skeptical about a couple WRs we signed; will they click with Cam, or will one of their health's be a factor, will they have chemistry with LaFell or Ginn, whichever we kept? Nope. We let go of all of our WRs from last year, not even making the attempt to keep them, only to see them sign elsewhere at very reasonable price tag.

What I believe: If you are a 12-4 team and the #2 seed, your offseason should involve TINKERING and MINOR ADJUSTMENTS, not and ALL OUT OVERHAUL. We look like a 4-12 team trying to rebuild, hoping for a .500 season, we should have done what teams like us do and did (Niners, Patriots, Saints, Broncos), add a couple pieces that we were missing. I.E. Pats signing a couple receivers, Broncos ramping up their defense.

I acknowledge and accept the fact that this isn't all on our current GM Dave Cut-the-men, that the previous Hurney to a very large extent is the reason for the NFL-leading approx $18million in dead money we have, and the cap crippling contracts he made including $76m to CJ, which coupled with Hardy will be $30million paid to 2 players for 2014, a RIDICULOUS $80million between 2 RB's over the life of the contract making them impossible to trade at this point (although I will never understand why we didn't last year before their overvaluing was more clear to the rest of the NFL), and neither plays up to 70% of what they get paid... when they even step onto the field. That said, Gettleman got rid of Beason last year and got nothing... except for getting to pay $8m for nothing. Smitty, yay $1m saved cap space, oh but $4m owed still. I MUST digress.

Okay, Wide Receivers. I am dissapointed in the clear lack of effort in trying to get Cam weapons after releasing all of his previous targets, and in a way, showing how important management thinks making sure Cam signs a long term contract is. We have seen how this offseason, to sign quality WRs does not require breaking the bank at all.

**It's depressing to consider how void our WR corp has become and how the Panthers have not signed any top, if not A-level, certainly high B-Level quality receivers that were available and affordable. James Jones gone, Nicks, gone, Sanders, gone, Edelman, gone, Tate, gone. Okay, at least a trio of solid #2's could be good enough to fill the role of a premier wideout and a couple average Y and Z receivers. Roberts, gone, Jacoby Jones, gone, even BRITT is now gone. Well we can replace Ginn with Hester maybe... gone. Seeing the contracts WRs have signed is so depressing; to see that they WERE affordable even for us, Britt-$1.4m, James Jones 3yr/11m, Sanders 3yr/15m, Nicks 1yr/3.5m.

**So now we are here. Desean Jackson is available. Would excel in our offense. But dreams don't come true so I'm not holding my breath. The way I see it something along these lines is our Best case scenario, and AFFORDABLE... just the way 'we' like it.

Assuming we don't get D-Jax, we sign established, solid players, and as literally a corp, we make it work, because sorry guys, Underwood isn't going to give us a chance to stay over .500.

TODO: More or less in order of preference. Sign at least 2 of the following: Miles Austin, Josh Morgan, 1-legged Sidney Rice, Robert Meachem, sigh, Santonio Holmes, Jacoby Ford can be our new Ted Ginn; just give him a chance to step into the slot and start running with his 4.28 speed. Pray our drafted WR is a superstar.

At the end of the day, I think it will all be too little too late.

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