Could This Be Carolina's First Round Pick That Is Being Held "Close To The Vest?"

With the upcoming draft roughly six weeks away and with the news coming in who the Panthers have had in for visits and workouts starting to trickle in as of to date. I thought it might be a good time to share with CSR a wide receiver prospect that no one really has mentioned on a continual basis as Carolina's first round selection. With most of the draft pundits having the likes of a Kelvin Benjamin, Brandin Cooks, or Odell Beckham Jr. slotted for Carolina as the WR to take with the 28th pick.

Let me introduce for some and reintroduce for others the most productive WR in all of college football this past season in Davante Adams wide receiver Fresno State. Adams put up some video game statistics this past season with 131 receptions (led the country), second in receiving yards per game (132.2), and (24) touchdowns that ended up being eight more than any other player in the FBS this year. I know many have eluded to the fact the system Adams played in was a high octane passing attack with a first round prospect at QB in Derek Carr that tossed the pigskin all over the yard against inferior competition playing in the Mountain West Conference would allow for such mind blowing stats. I for one am here to tell you that is a grave mistake to underestimate Adams based on that line of thinking and I for one believe more in the fact Adams done what he was supposed to do as an elite player and dominate whomever the football program had to play, and IMO made Derek Carr look better than what he really is to the same tune as Golden Tate made Jimmy Clausen.

We know all 32 NFL teams were represented at Fresno State's pro-day. Nothing has been mentioned as of yet linking any interest between Carolina and Adams, but let me remind everyone that Carolina sent coach Washington out to Utah to work out Star in secret last year and that they had real interest in Tyler Eifert leading up to the draft that did not become known until the night of the actual NFL Draft. Both of which were kept very secretive behind closed doors. I can say that Adams was in the group of wide receivers along with Jared Abbrederis that coach Proehl took part in at the NFL combine and that was the only grouping he had any interaction with during position drills. Davante Adams came in at 6'1" weighing 212 lbs. which in turn is a very solid size for someone who ran a 4.47 and a 4.50 at Fresno State's pro-day improving on the 4.56 he ran at the combine. Adams has that deceptive speed that will catch DB's of guard at the next level. I also love the fact he attacks the ball in the air and is a natural plucker of the football.

Here are Davante Adams Combine Measurables: Davante Adams NFL Combine

Here is what CBS Sports had to say about Adams: Davante Adams Notes

STRENGTHS: Broad-shouldered and well-built wideout who consistently wins at the catch-point, demonstrating good leaping ability, timing and hand-eye coordination. Tracks the ball well over either shoulder and has strong hands to pluck the ball when turned towards the quarterback. Quickly corrals the pass and wastes no time in getting upfield, showing vision to set up blocks as well as strength to run through arm tackles and a nice stutter-step to elude.

Deceptive straight-line speed to challenge deep and shows good balance and overall body control to gain separation on comeback and out routes. Good strength and courage to take passes over the middle and isn't afraid of running through traffic. Alert blocker.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks the elite speed that his gaudy production indicates. Possesses normal acceleration and tops out quickly. Occasionally will allow the ball to swing away from his frame as he attempts to fight for extra yardage, which can result in forced fumbles.

Cognizant blocker downfield but isn't nearly as physical in this area as he is when fighting through would-be tacklers. Production was certainly inflated by Fresno State's spread offense and because he is the favorite target of highly regarded quarterback, Derek Carr.

Compares To: James Jones, Packers - Like the former San Jose State standout, Adams' eye-popping numbers have come against questionable competition. However, his similar build, deceptive vertical speed and strong hands at the catch-point should help Adams emerge as a big-play candidate in the NFL.

If you read who CBS is comparing Adams to in James Jones, I find it ironic that was one of the free agent wide receivers Carolina looked at to bring here. I personally like Adams over the likes of Kelvin Benjamin or a Brandin Cooks and think he fits the mold of what Carolina wants to do from an offensive standpoint at the wide receiver position. Even though as of now he is slotted to be picked in that second round range somewhere between the 40th to 49th overall pick, it would not surprise me if Carolina took him with their first round selection.

Fresno State vs San Jose State 2013

Davante Adams Highlights

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