Offensive Draft

The latest Mock Draft from has the Carolina Panthers primarily focused on the Offensive side of the team which at this point, it is of no surprise. There is nothing wrong with making the Defense as dominating and scary as possible, but we need points, ideally, we want the offense to play more minutes than the defense.

With this in mind and without further a due, the following is the latest five round mock draft from

Round 1, Pick 28 - ODELL BECKHAM, WR, LSU

Round 2, Pick 60 - MORGAN MOSES, OT, Virginia

Round 3, Pick 92 - DONTE MONCRIEF, WR, Ole Miss

Round 4, Pick 124 - ANTHONY STEEN, G, Alabama

Round 5, Pick 156 - ROSS COCKRELL, CB, Duke

If the list above is the actual result of the Draft, I would be ecstatic. But, but, but I would make a couple changes. The changes are only in Round 4 and 5. No complaints from me for the first 3 rounds. Donte Moncrief is an absolute steal at Pick 92. The man is 6' 2", 225lbs, ran an official 4.40 in the combine. Oh, he is a good receiver too.

Instead of Anthony Steen at Pick 124, I would prefer Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota State, who was mock to Seattle at Pick 128. I think we have a greater need for offensive tackle than guard. I also believe that if we are to follow the BPA strategy, both Turner and Steen would be close to each other, and by the way Steen is injured which is why he didn't do anything in the combine. If Turner is drafted in the actual draft before our Pick 124, then I would like to have Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice, who was mock to Cleveland at Pick 133. Gaines really helped his draft status in the combine. He is 6ft, 193lbs, and ran an official 4.38. I really don't think that he will make it out of the 4th Round of the Draft.

At Pick 156, I would prefer Joe Don Duncan, TE, Dixie State, over Ross Cockrell. Duncan has more than 1000 receiving yards in 2013, and he can block too. With his size, (6' 3", 268lbs) and skills, I see him as a TE/HB/FB which will give us the versatility to be creative. We can change from an I formation to a two-TE formation or vice-versa without changing personnel. I believe Duncan is more suited for the Panthers than Richie Brockel. The only reason that Duncan will be available in Round 5 is because he came from a Division II school.

With the remaining picks in Round 6 and 7, I hope we are able to pick up Damien Williams, RB, Oklahoma and Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College. Both players are projected to be drafted in Round 6 or 7. Williams is 5' 11", 222lbs and ran an official 4.45 in the combine while Pierre-Louis is a hybrid linebacker/safety type of player. I believe Harper will only play a year with the Panthers so I hope Lester can be developed into a starting strong safety back up by Pierre-Louis. At the same time, Pierre-Louis can also gain another 10-15 pounds and back up the weakside linebacker position since he has experiences in playing both the linebacker and strong safety position.

I believe that our core players are set on both side of the ball. They just need some supports to win it all. I hope we can pick up at least one more veteran CB and OT, and please please please sign T. Wharton for one more year to maintain some stability for the Offensive Line.

I know that for a lot of the fans, it's frustrating to see our players left and we did not sign free agents to replace them. After what we did last season, I believe that we can win it all in 2014 by having a strong draft and sign a few more free agents to be key contributors. If Cam wants to be paid $20 million a year, he is not going to throw to anyone receiver with a $10 million/year salary. That's the bottom line.

Go Panthers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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