Cotchery and McNutt and King to the rescue

With all this negative talk. it's only make these group hungrier. Thru my eyes its looks like this WR core is finally coming together and its looking Strong.(especially if we get D.Jackson). And the competitiion this year during training is only going to make these guys better. Thats just me tho. Your entitled to your opinion. Remember, Haters gone Hate, Doubters gone doubt. And heres what Bleeding Green Nation thinks of them. Makes me laugh.

The team was so desperate to add another body that they signed Jerricho Cotchery on Thursday.

Jerricho Cotchery-((6-0, 199lbs) Cotchery is a quick WR with an athletic frame, long arms and good lower body power. His speed is not great but makes up for it with precise moves and strong leg drive.


  • Athletic frame with tall arms
  • Lower body strength
  • Comes off line with force while using hands to beat the jam
  • Quick, clean and precise route runner
  • Quickness in and out of breaks
  • Knows how to sit down and come back to ball
  • Settles into open windows
  • Tracks and adjust to ball
  • Highpoint's ball
  • Soft-Natural hands
  • Good leg drive after catch
  • Clutch/ Moves Chains


  • Lacks getting Separation speed but does make up for it with physicality
  • Needs to be more consistant

Marvin Mcnutt- One word... Baller. If he plays with the same Swag that he once had in college, he will have a break out year. Some people compare him to Josh Gordon. Most likely will become Panther #2. if not forced to be #1


  • Has size to excel at next level
  • Greatest Hands ever
  • High points the ball
  • Great hand eye coordination
  • Shows quickness & flexibility off line to avoid the jam
  • Amazing jumping ability (37-inch vertical)
  • Big catching radius/ large hands
  • settles into zone windows
  • Tracks ball very well over shoulder
  • Uses his size to his advantage
  • Makes difficult/clutch catches
  • Has improved routes


  • Hesitant when coming across middle
  • Tends to stand high in and out of breaks
  • Should be better at blocking for size

Tavarres King- Once A.J Green's understudy... King has the ability to blow the top off of defenses at the next level with his explosions off the line and his straight line speed.


  • Explosive and physical off line to shake press coverage or fly by playing off
  • Shows ability to get inside leverage when needed
  • Great lateral agility
  • Vertical threat
  • Shows impressive stop-and-go acceleration
  • Consistently makes defenders miss
  • Extremely fluid route runner
  • Elusiveness after catch
  • Has quick feet coming in and out of breaks
  • Tremendous balance and body control


  • Known For dropped passes but does revenge himself
  • Smaller Build
  • Doesn't offer consistent physicality

To sum it up....... I feel a lot better after reading this about them. And have mad respect for DG which I know has something up his sleeves for this year draft.

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