An opinion of the recent events, and a way to fix it. Your Take?

Namely, I was curious regarding our Wideouts... specifically the absence of any, and the ever declining options available in FA. Please spare the Draft rhetoric, yes maybe we get one solid receiver, who will not be a #1 WR, and I hate to break hearts guys, but face the facts, it is very unlikely when you look at history, not to mention our gaping wholes in the O-Line and Secondary, that we will actually draft a WR in the First. The fact is, we will probably get a big fella.

We fantasize each day over who we will draft at WR and how great they are, but actions speak louder. We were all; and I admit I am guilty, and was ecstatic at all the carrots that were placed in front of us, Hakeem Nicks, James Jones, Sanders, Cotchery, etc, of course none of which came to fruition. Does management just enjoy talking to players and having them leave unsigned?

D-Jax is on the trading block, but we wouldn't do it. So who is left? No legitimate #1s, no bonafide game changers.

What are your opinions on the following names; if not as a Corp to get us to where we were last season, but to at least give Cam bodies with 2 hands and 2 legs to throw to. Kenny Britt- will be cheap when focused and healthy, can contribute when if he was a good QB. Miles Austin-perhaps not what he was, but again, will be cheap, still out there, would complement Britt quite well. Hester-Mirror Image of Ginn in the slot. Cotchery-Get him back and SIGN him.

Give us some bodies to work with through camp and preseason. The Draft will not be our Savior, we will probably draft a lineman in the first, maybe a corner but I doubt that, even if we get a WR, at our pick, barring some debacle, or us trading up which we don't do... so what? That's 1 WR, we are empty.

Yes, the names I put out there, everyone will find flaws with, injuries, not in their prime, this is the cross to bear when we pile money onto not 1 but 2 RBs, 1 who can't stay healthy, and should have been moved back when he was worth something. At least these guys give us weapons for Cam.

I left out options for CB like Rogers etc and Linemen because it would just be too much to write. You build through the draft meaning, you need a couple pieces and try to fill the spots. NOT, we have no WRs or Secondary or Line, and think the draft will fix it. We were 12-4! It's embarrassing.

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