Morgan Moses, a first rounder??



Many people have different thoughts on Moses, whether or not he is worth a first rounder or a second rounder. Moses is exactly what Gettleman wants, a hog molly. And if we want to win in the trenches, we are going to have to get a stud. Morgan Moses is 6"6 335 pounds. He is the very definition of hog mollie. But will he be BPA at 28? Let's dig deep.

Run Block skills.

Moses is a stud in the run blocking game. Very aggresive, and will push defenders back with amazing drive. He is like a leach, once he is on you he ain't letting go. Exhibits elite level driving power. Will often man handle strong linebackers and d-linemen. Will pancake Safety's and Corner's in the open field. The perfect solution to shutting down Cam Jordan.

Pass Block skills.

Like I've stated, he is a leach. Will often find him self getting holding penalties, and will lose long fought battles. Is a stonewall against the bull rush, will stuff anyone with the first hit. His first hit is so strong, that he will at times knock d-linemen off their feet and eliminate them for the play. Has a nice slide when he is dealing with fast d-linemen and corner backs.

Footwork skills

This is the kicker with Moses. Has bad foot technique that eliminates his strengths. If he can fix his footwork, he could be a top 15 tackle in the league. often will stumble over his feet when trying to block fast players. Will sometimes get drove back if he doesn't win the first hit with the d-linemen. A rare sight, but will sometimes get bull rushed by a freak of nature who excels at jumping the snap, for example: if he was facing Star Lotulelei, he would probably get put on his back a few times. Needs to be coached up.


Moses is a Senior at UVA. Lead the front line with an iron fist. Never gives up, and metaphorically has a motor like an 18 wheeler. He picks up teammates late in the game and commands 110% all through the game.

Other issues

Has had weight problems in the past, don't think that he will have this problem in the NFL. Will appear top heavy sometimes and lead with the helmet, causing him to lose speed. Has awful acceleration. He has a tough time getting low on players, and will sometimes get stood up and drove backwards because of it.

Other strengths

Has long arms. Is very swift with his feet when dealing with edge rushers. High motor. Once he latches on, he will control the defender like a rag doll.

Comparison, and pick range.

Morgan Moses, with technique improvement could be a top 20-15 tackle in the league. He will be drafted in the 27-55 pick range.

Morgan Moses in a Mock:

1st: Morgan Moses
2nd: Donte Moncrief
3rd Jared Abbrederis (let's just say he falls for some reason)



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