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Around this time of year many fans here are pitching their mock drafts. It helps when we have a collective place for everyone to share and critique. We haven't had a mock thread in a while so I thought I'd throw one up. This is a place for everyone to share their mocks, be it from a draft simulator or just your personal dream mock. Feel free to include trades and FA into the evaluation process.

That being said, I will share mine. I usually use Fanspeak's On The Clock draft simulator in my free time, I recently decide to cough up the $5 for premium which allow trades. Any way, without further ado here is my most recent version with brief analysis.

2 - (WR) Marquise Lee

No can't miss guys in the first so I traded back. Marquise Lee is great value in the mid 2nd round. He gives us a big time play maker for an offense devoid of such talents.

2 - (WR) Donte Moncrief

I was surprised to see him available in the late 2nd, I almost traded up for him, but good things come to those who wait. Moncrief is a big, athletic, talented WR who has the ability to become elite. I honestly have no idea why he isnt in 1st round contention. Moncrief and Lee make an excellent pair of WR for our offense.

3 - (TE) Troy Niklas

Just couldn't pass up this guy in the early 3rd. He is a big athletic TE who can be a great receiving weapon. He's also a strong blocker and will make a great complement to Olsen. We all saw how strong our offense can be with a good 2 TE set.

4 - (CB) Pierre Desir

Several guys that I liked were available here at the top of the 4th. Desir is a big CB with great ball skills. We need all the help we can get at CB and I think he can be a great asset.

4 - (OT) Seantrel Henderson

He's a risk, but one worth taking. big and athletic man how has the ability to be dominant. Great player with some injury and character concerns. if we can keep him on the field he could make a huge impact as a day 1 starter on our patchwork OL

5 - (OT) James Hurst

Top of the 5th and I went for value. I was hoping either Hurst or Henderson would be available in the 4th and to my luck they both were. when Hurst was still available at this spot I thought I had to pull the trigger. Hurst can compete for the other OT spot or move inside.

6 - (CB) Walt Aikens

I'm still surprised to see that Aikens is always available so late. I think he'll go in the 4th but I'm not complaining to get him here. another great addition to the secondary.

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