This off-season is better than most give credit for...



While the Panther nation is up in arms over releases, and free agents slipping through our fingers, we refuse to see any good light throughout this positive off-season.

Steve Smith's release.

Sure, we all loved Smitty while he was here. However, it seems that people are ignoring the fact that we:

A: Saved 2 million dollars in cap space
B: released an aging locker room cancer
C: Handed the leadership reigns to Kalil, Cam, and Kuechly.

Are those 3 things worse then having a depleting old undersized receiver? I mean, who is to say that with those extra 2 million dollars we don't sign a hungry James Jones? We've already signed an old leader in Roman Harper, and if i may add, a darn good one. Sure Smitty has moved on, and doesn't like us anymore, but like the Corleone's say, "It's nothing personal, it's only business."

Cheap replacement signings.

about 95% of CSR (including me at the time) was peeved off about us letting Hakeem Nicks fall through our finger tips. It isn't the end of the world CSR. We have signed few notable players, Roman Harper, and Mike Mcneill. As we have Jericho Cotchery visiting us on Monday, and James Jones telling us that he is desperately waiting, things are starting to line up for us. Lets be honest, would you rather have a questionable Hakeem Nicks, or a career healthy James Jones, and leader Jericho Cotchery? The only thing that sucks about us possibly getting Cotchery and Jones, is that they are both number 89...

Not resigning overpaid Free Agents.

Sure, we didn't resign Mike Mitchell, Ted Ginn, Brandon Laffel, or Captain Munnerlynn. But, in the end we ended up saving a boatload of money for not resigning them, and it even seems that we have forgotten about us tagging Hardy so we can work out a long term contract, or trade (expensive as crap, but still a good thing). In the end, we are in a better standing then if we would have paid all those easily replaceable players.

We still have 7 draft picks...

One thing that is baffling me is that mostly everyone is saying the sky is falling because we didn't sign some free agents. Urm, hello out there, we have 7 draft picks to fill in needs. We can easily fill in our needs with 7 picks, and a few free agents while keeping our cap under control. with those 7 picks we can replace everyone that we let hit the open market. That includes: Ginn, Mitchell, Munerlynn, Smith, Laffel, and 2 more picks for depth and improvement in other positions.

In Conclusion...

Just remember guys, we did this last year, and succeeded. Have faith! The off-season is still young, and we haven't even started cutting players yet. I trust Gettleman, but do you?



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