Four Hypothetical Moves Which May Indicate Gettleman Has Lost His Mind

It has been a hectic past few days for Panthers fans, as General Manager Dave Gettleman has lost many, but signed few.

While some still trust him and believe that he’s just trying to show everyone how good of a coach Ricky Proehl is, others are starting to fear that he has lost his mind.

He hasn’t.

There are still a lot of familiar faces on the roster, and now is not that time to panic.

Not yet, anyway.

Here are four hypothetical moves that may indicate that Gettleman has gone insane:

In the Third Round of the Draft, Gettleman Decides to Trade a Future Second Round Pick in Order to Draft a Quarterback Who "Might Make A Good Receiver"

When Ernie Accorsi sought out Gettleman for the general manager job, one of his first questions was probably:

"So Dave, suppose in the upcoming 2013 draft, Dennard Robinson is still available in the third round. But you’ve already picked an average receiver from LSU. What would you do?"

Like most people would, Gettleman went with "pass on him," which is probably at least part of why he got the job.

If Gettleman, perhaps over-inspired by the somewhat successful Nate Chandler switch, decides to start making early round draft day trades with the intention of having a player learn a new position, he’s probably lost it.

Gettleman Announces Intention to Use "Create-A-Player" Feature to Fill Remaining Spots on Roster

"This left tackle, Howard Hogmolly, is 99 overall in every aspect of the game. If Gano gets injured, we’ll put in Howard, because he has 99 overall kick power."

If Gettleman comes out with a quote like this, it’s safe to say that Jerry Richardson will need to get him some help.

Gettleman Hires NFL Network’s Charles Davis as Assistant General Manager

This one seems like a perfectly fine move. Charles Davis seems like a smart, strategic guy who knows what it takes to make a good football team. Plus, he does mock drafts for

This guy would be a great addition, right?


Here are the players that Davis selected in his last two mock drafts:

Mock 1.0: Carols Hyde, RB, Ohio State

Mock 2.0: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State

Don’t worry, he switched things up for his third mock.

Mock 3.0 Tre Mason, RB, Auburn

If Gettleman announces that Charles Davis has been hired to the assistant general manager position, look out.

Gettleman Cuts Best Wide Receiver Without Having a Replacement on Roster and Handles it in a "PR Nightmare" Fashion

Obviously this one seems like a stretch, and it probably would never happen.

But say, hypothetically, Gettleman decided to go into complete "non-committal mode" when talking about the best receiver on the roster, then released him after a couple of weeks of failed trades and media mayhem. All without having a viable replacement receiver on the roster.

That would definitely be the work of a general manager that might have sanity issues.

In all likelihood, Gettleman is not crazy. He didn’t really make any moves until the second week of free agency in 2013, and the Panthers ended up having a pretty decent season.

Look for Gettleman to get some good deals on value players in the coming days.

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