The Answer May Already Be . . .

With concern over the loss of warm bodies, I took a look at the Panthers site and saw a lot of names I did not recognize.

To me, a higher priority than finding targets for Cam is keeping him upright. I realize the top Tackles in the draft will be gone before #28, and there will be a lot of reach picks. {I am personally biased toward Turner and Hurst. Anyone who can keep Clowney off of Rynner has my vote; that broken leg will drop him in the draft and should be healed by training camp.} I wonder if we might already have a hog molly who isn’t just a camp body.

Our depleted O Line looked surprisingly full. Did you know our LT is not Byron Bell, as often mentioned, but Travis Bond? Recognizing his amazing adaptability from last season, I think I trust Nate Chandler more than any lineman but Kalil; a sign of that versatility is that he is the only player on the roster with the designation "OL." We have six players designated "T": Bell, Bond, Kevin Hughes, Oscar Johnson, Andrew McDonald, and Garry Williams. Besides last year’s projected starters Silatolu and Kugbila, we are looking at guards Derek Dennis, Michael Jasper, Phillipkeith Manley, and Chris Scott.

This may be the deepest WR draft in history: I’m looking forward to speed and size, but more than anything else I want a Biletnikoff, that receiver who runs the perfect route and catches the ball going out of bounds just past the flag. With our running game and that receiver, you don’t have to worry as much about the Hail Mary at the end of the game. Might we be developing that receiver?

I don’t know if a one of them can catch a cold but we have six WR’s currently on the roster. The only one under 6’1" is Pilares, who showed flashes as a slot receiver his rookie year, with Clausen no less. RJ Webb is the old man at 26; we have a lot of youth. Do you recall that adage that it takes one-two years of seasoning to make an NFL WR? Our draft superstar may not be ready in 2014 but these players have benefit of Proehl.

There has been a lot of talk about the emergence of TE Brandon Williams, a product of Kelly’s Oregon U teams. We also quietly acquired DC Jefferson, and, more recently, Mike McNeill. Not to discount Brockel, but I see him more as a blocker. Could one of these TE’s offer Olsen the bookend of a two-tight end attack without having to trade up for Ebron or Amaro?

Did you know we have a national champion DB. . . . no, not Lester, his teammate, CB De'Quan Menzie. Actually, we have another -- CB De'Andre Presley was ASU’s QB for their third, after Armanti. I think, by the end of 2013, our UFA’s Lester and White showed up better than some old pros. I don’t see Godfrey staying here with his current Cap figure. Could Russell or even Colin Jones be the answer?

Oddly enough, that stream of F/A’s going out the door left us thin in two areas nobody has mentioned – LB and Special Teams. Behind the known commodities, the only LB’s we have are Ben Jacobs and DJ Smith. We didn’t just lose our home run threat Ginn, we lost the ST captain Jordan Senn. We must field some gunners to maintain the kind of field position that helped get the field position that won games last year. Don’t be surprised if we add more position players you didn’t think we needed.

I’m not trying to blow smoke; I do not know most of these players. . . but that very fact means there might be producers on this roster that we don’t recognize.

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