Is the sky is falling? Are we failing at Free Agency???



I don't think so. We haven't made any splashes in free agency and I'm ok with that. We've depleted our wide receivers and I'm ok with that. We've let our secondary go and I'm ok with that... why because I see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you don't then you don't understand the NFL. I feel with everyone else that Steve Smith's departure hurt us more than it hurt Steve, because that millions that Baltimore will pay him along with what we owe him he's a happy man... and we're crying bloody murder.

Many people were lobbying for us to resign the Kracken... well he's still here along with Cam, Luke, CJ, Star, Short, Davis, Klein, Williams, Barner, Steward, Godfrey, Nortman, Gano, Jansen, Amini Silatolu, kungbila, Scott, Tolbert, Edwards, Gaydosh, Horton, Alexander, Addison, and Kalil... to name a few. Everyone of us would love to have quality depth at every position but the guys above stepped up when they were called upon in 2013.

Many of us stated that we needed to revamp our receivers... well we're in process of that.

Many said our Offensive Line need up grading... we're in process of that.

Many said our secondary need an upgrade... well, we're in process of that too.

The following players are already on the Carolina Panther roster or could possibly be selected in the draft or in Free Agency. Basically I look at this model as "the sky is not falling". We may not have a 12-4 record next year but we will make the playoffs... and that's all that matters.

I hated to lose Mike (26yrs), Ted Ginn (28yrs), and Steve (34yrs) but I'll for sure take the younger versions any day especially at a reduced cost. What I see at our area's of need.

Offensive line:

Travis Bond - 6' 7", 330lbs Former North Carolina prospect...
Oscar Johnson - 6' 6", 340lbs a mauler at the right tackle position, give Ron Rivera confidence in moving Byron Bell over to the LT position.
Andrew McDonald - 6' 6", 310lbs more athletic and quicker to play the LT position.
Garry Williams - 6' 3", 315lbs often injured by a quality back-up.
#28 Draft pick Morgan Moses UVA, Brandon Thomas Clem, David Yankee.

Wide Receiver:

Marvin McNutt 6' 2", 215lbs Big target for Cam Newton playing the #2 Wide Receiver position.
Tavarres King 6' 1" 190lbs Quick and elusive slot receiver for the Panthers in 2014.
2nd round draft pick quite possibly filling in at our #1 receiver roll.
#60 Draft pick: Devante Adams 6' 2", 212lbs; 131 rec, 1718 yrds, 24 tds in 2013 another big receiver opposite McNutt who can definitely catch the football.
Jarvis Landry, or Jared Abbrederis.


Greg Olsen - You already know. Our #1 receiver in 2013
Brandon Williams 6' 4", 250lbs This guy is a complete athlete and wants nothing more than the chance to excel.
D.C Jefferson 6' 6" 255lbs another athletic Tight-End who basically needs an opportunity.


Josh Norman 6'0", 200lbs (4 int's in the pre-season with the same front 7) Should start in the #1 role in 2014.
De'Quan Menzie 5'11", 200lbs (played football at Alabama with Robert Lester) Should split time in the slot with J. Thomas
Josh Thomas 5' 11", 190lbs (played well as a starter in 2013... more experience could only help) Should split time in the slot with D. Menzie
Melvin White 6' 1", 205lbs (started 10 games in 2013, should only get better in 2014) Should start in the #2 spot in 2014
James Dockery 6' 1", 185 (resigned as a restricted Free Agent to add depth at the position).


Charles Godfrey 5-11 210 Returning from injury should split minutes with Robert Lester at the Free Safety Position
Colin Jones 6-0 210 Provides depth at the position.
Robert Lester 6-1 215 Should be the Starting Free Safety in 2014 barring any free agents or draft prospects.
Possible additions like Roman Harper or draft picks...

All of these guys are on the roster except the draft selections and would not increase or hurt our salary cap going forward. Embrace the NEW Carolina Panthers in 2014 and cheer them on. I don't see any significant drop-off in talent in any of the three groups mentioned... and we haven't signed or drafted anyone yet. Would I go into next season with the potential we have on our roster... absolutely. The sky is not falling, tighten up your boot straps Panthers... the best is yet to come.

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