This Dave Gettleman Backlash Needs to Stop

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

If you're THAT upset over Gettleman cutting Steve Smith, then change teams to whichever team ends up landing Smith for the last year of his career. I cannot believe how absolutely pathetic everyone is sounding. Not even the Bears fans acted this whiny when they cut Urlacher. Time and time again, the NFL has proven to us that it's a business. And when you conduct a business, if you see someone as more of a liability (James covered this part, I'm not going to repeat it), you're going to axe him.

That's exactly what Gettleman did. Smith over the years has done nothing but pour his heart and soul into this team, and I get that. But Smith is going to be 35 this upcoming season, and he's not going to even put up the same numbers as he did last year; and last year was a dismal season at best for a supposed #1 receiver. Is that Smith's fault? No, it's father time's fault.

I'm not going to sit here and act like Smith was never good in the first place like Cowboys fans are acting after cutting DeMarcus Ware. What's really irritating me is calling Gettleman stupid, and acting like he's the worst General Manager on the planet. Excuse me, but didn't we as a collective group NOT want another Marty Hurney who showed so much loyalty that it was an actual fault? We finally have our big boss-man that will make the HARD decisions that will give this team long-term success. Is Steve Smith long-term success? No. He's barely even considered short-term success anymore.

People act like Gettleman just crucified our holy lord and savior that was going to lead us to the promised land--the super bowl. If we win a Super Bowl, it'll be on the backs of Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly, not Steve Smith and Dave Gettleman wants to make that clear.

I'm more than okay for Panther fans to be sad to see Smith go, I am not trying to call these people out because there are so many amazing memories of one the greatest players in Franchise history--if not THE greatest. But this entire flash mob of people letting their emotions turn into savage, uneducated attacks on a General Manager who is keeping THE BEST INTERESTS of OUR TEAM into the forethought of his decisions is purely irrational. It's easy to accuse someone of being stupid and ignorant in their business decisions when it doesn't affect your own personal livelihood. Gettleman is putting his career at stake with EVERY SINGLE decision he makes. Do you absolutely believe that he's just running a Madden simulation in the off-season where he thinks it's fun to experiment and play around with rosters and if they don't work out, he can just start over again? The man is 63 years old, one of the oldest General Managers in the NFL. Every decision he made, makes and is going to make, is very well thought out, articulated and analysed. He's seeing farther into the future of the franchise than ANY of us care to look.

We have a whole entire off-season still ahead of us. If you're going to hang up the towel already when everything seems bleak and bare, then hop on the Seattle or Denver bandwagon. The best part of following a team, in my opinion, is following its evolution from scrappy, bottom feeders of the league, to a dynamic powerhouse that took years to build up to. That is Gettleman's goal, and in that goal Steve Smith was not going to be a part of it, whether you other fans like it or not.

I remember back when Seattle was making insanely weird off-season decisions. Back when Pete Carroll first came to the team. Every decision they made was questionable, and sometimes laughable. Look where they are at now.

It's Gettleman's second season coming off of a strong opening start. Give the man a shot at turning us into a force to be reckoned with year in and year out.

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