Analyzing Our Current 53/Players Under Contract

There has been a lot of talk about what our needs are so I've put together what our 53 man roster looks like now. We have some definite weaknesses but we still have strengths. I added a code by each name which is explained below.

Carolina Panthers Under Contract 53 Depth Chart - 2014
Regular Offense
WR Marvin McNutt (U) Kealoha Pilares (J) Brenton Bersin (U)
TE Greg Olsen (P) Brandon Williams (U) Richie Brockel (J)
LT Byron Bell (J) Nate Chandler (U)
LG Amini Silatolu (P) Michael Jasper (U)
C Ryan Kalil (B) Brian Folkerts (U)
RG Edmund Kugbila (U) Chris Scott (J)
RT Garry Williams (J) Travis Bond (U)
WR Tavarres King (U) Toney Clemons (U) RJ Webb (U)
QB Cam Newton (B) Matt Blanchard (U)
FB Mike Tolbert (P)
HB Jonathan Stewart (U) Deangelo Williams (J) Kenjon Barner (U)
Base 4-3 Defense
LDE Charles Johnson (B) Mario Addison (U)
LDT Star Lotulelei (B) Linden Gaydosh (U) Casey Walker (U)
RDT Kawann Short (P) Dwan Edwards (P)
RDE Greg Hardy (B) Frank Alexander (U) Wes Horton (U)
WLB AJ Klein (U) Chase Blackburn (J)
MLB Luke Kuechly (B) DJ Smith (U)
SLB Thomas Davis (B) Ben Jacobs (U)
CB Melvin White (P) James Dockery (U) De'Quan Menzie (U)
SS Robert Lester (U) Anderson Russell (U)
FS Charles Godfrey (U) Colin Jones (J)
CB Josh Norman (U) Josh Thomas (J)
Special Teams
K Graham Gano (P)
P Brad Nortman (P)
LS JJ Jansen (P)

(B)lue Chip - Players that are Pro Bowl caliber and/or are "Core" players:

QB-Cam Newton, C-Ryan Kalil, DL-Greg Hardy, Charles Johnson, Star Lotulelei, LB-Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly

(P)lus - Players that are above average at their position or are young and look to have potential to grow into above average:

FB-Mike Tolbert, TE-Greg Olsen, G-Amini Silatolu, DL-Dwan Edwards, Kawann Short, CB-Melvin White, ST-Graham Gano, JJ Jansen, Brad Nortman

Olsen and Tolbert are close to Blue Chip status. Short may be able to work his way there.

(J)ust A Guy - Players that are average to below average and should be replaced whenever possible:

RB-Deangelo Williams Some will argue that he is still a Plus, but his age places him here.

WR-Keahola Pilares, TE/H-back-Richie Brockel, OL-Chris Scott, Garry Williams LB-Chase Blackburn, DB-Colin Jones (Plus ST), Josh Thomas

(U)nknown - Players that are either coming back from injury or have not had enough playing time to make a clear judgement. Most will trend to being a JAG:

QB-Matt Blanchard

Derek Anderson will get a couple of million soon.

RB-Kenjon Barner, Jonathan Stewart, Michael Zordich

Barner resembled a pinball for much of his playing time. Stewart could be a Plus player if healthy.

WR-Brenton Bersin, Toney Clemons, Tavarres King, Marvin McNutt, RJ Webb

Clemons, King, and McNutt have decent tape.

TE-DC Jefferson, Brandon Williams

It will be nice if Williams develops.

OL-Travis Bond, Nate Chandler, Derek Dennis, Brian Folkerts, Kevin Hughes, Michael Jasper, Oscar Johnson, Edmund Kugbila, Phillipkeith Manley, Andrew McDonald

Chandler did well considering the position change.

DL-Mario Addison, Frank Alexander, Linden Gaydosh, Wes Horton, Craig Roh, Casey Walker

I like Alexander but it seems that our coaching staff doesn't share that opinion.

LB-Ben Jacobs, AJ Klein, DJ Smith

Smith will be a Plus if his knee recovers.

DB-Charles Godfrey, Robert Lester, De'Quan Menzie, Josh Norman, De'Andre Presley, Anderson Russell

Lester needs to use his playoff embarrassment for fuel.

The good news is that we have a strong core of players. I think we will see DB, WR, TE, DT, and OL addressed in Free Agency. They won't be marquee names but Gettleman will try and get better competition at those spots before the draft. What do you think?

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