Why Dave Gettleman is the biggest genius in Panther History...



you may scoff at what i'm about to say, but please hear me out. So, short intro, but i wanna dive into my reasoning


Dave Gettleman is EXACTLY what the Panthers need. Remember when Marty Hurney was burying us behind foolish contracts, that i may add, are still killing us right now? Yeah, well now we have a GM that understands the value in players. ONLY Hurney would have kept Steve, and Mike Mitchell. Don't get me wrong, Steve is my favorite Panther of all time, but you do realize we saved 2 million this off season, which in the end will most likely land us Hakeem Nicks or Sidney Rice, not including the fact that Hardy will be signed long term this off season, or next. So your call CSR, an aging (supposed locker room cancer, according to sources) Steve Smith? Or long term hardy , and a young TRUE #1 or #2 receiver?

His genius Cap Room management skills.

Soo, when David Gettleman became our GM, he knew he had a lot to handle, from restructuring contracts, to cutting veterans, to signing low end FA's with the little Cap he had. 13 million over the cap in 2012. welp, it is 2014 and we are now 22 million under the cap. Basically giving us comfort room, and allowing us to score some real talents in FA. If Hurney was still here, i almost guarantee, that we are still over the cap. We would have unquestionably either cut Hardy, or gave a contract that would have buried us. Gettleman is the best GM we've had, so deal with it.

Drafting strategy

Gettleman understands who and who is not a locker room cancer. Just last year in the draft, he drafted 5 seniors with our 5 draft picks. Doesn't that tell ya somethin CSR? He wants young, smart, and hard working seniors who will come in day 1 and light a fire under everyone's asses. you guys will have to be blind to not see that Jordan Matthews is clear BPA at this point, We can argue if a big name player like Marqise Lee, or Eric Ebron fell. But right now, i believe Gettleman wants either Jordan Matthews, or Jason Verrett. Do you want to know why? BECAUSE they are SENIORS. Leaders of the locker room. Jordan Matthews during the senior bowl Literally woke himself up and his teammates just to study film, so they could get better, THAT my good readers, is a leader. Someone who is a leader, leads by example. It's like dominoes. tip the first and then it hits the second one and so on. Matthews would turn everyone into a leader on this team, and make us a family. so answer me this question. If you took yourself and 5 of your family members, and faught 5 other strangers that didn't want to work together, who would win? The family. Family looks out for eachother, If someone hits your little sister you are gonna beat that other person's butt until they are staring Satan in the face.


In the end, everything that has happened will make us better, form cutting smitty, to gross retiring, to even Hardy being franchise tagged. Keep faith in Gettleman, because he is about to amaze us all.



Off topic on the picture, but AWWWWWW

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