I need your help!! Update!! Please read.

Cat Scratch Reader is my home away from home. My family away from my family. So is it any wonder I would come to you for help in a serious matter!

Let me explain,

I have 2 children. One will be seven years old in April, my oldest I lost at age sixteen on Sept 25 2012. He was strong, a football player in high school, and a saved Christian. He would go to the homes of dying cancer patients and do work for them for free or just sit with them so they would not be alone. On the evening he was killed, he was across the street with his uncle, and was coming home for dinner. It was 7:00pm when he crossed the two lane road when a woman dialing her cell phone ran off the road into our driveway and hit him from behind and took my baby from us. He was just 16!

There is a lot going on with the case, and nothing as of yet has is settled with the woman who killed my baby. My youngest son was born with SMA type 1. It is the most severe type of SMA. SMA is the number one killer of all children under age two. It is a neurological diease that affects the mussels in the body. Because of his diease, he is unable to sit up, talk, breath on his own very well, eat, and other things . He is on a ventilator most of the day, and all night to breath, he eats via feeding pump through his belly. However, he is the happiest little boy you could ever meet. Due to his SMA, he also has, (I'm not sure how to spell it, so I will describe it, sorry), a condition where his spine is curving foreword, and severely to the left. Because of that, it's getting hard for him to ride in his car seat. He has another car seat for the disabled. But it is to large to fit into our Chevy trail blazer. So we need a van in the worst way. Because of the cost of his care, and the cost of my sons funeral, we don't have the money to get one. So I was thinking I might be able to start a fund raiser to help us get a van for my son with t-shirts.

We (my wife and I), take care of our son 24-7 so we don't get the chance to go out and meet new friends, and with our lives the way it is, our friends that we used to have don't come around anymore. I guess they were never really friends. I can't blame them because not a lot of people understand that you have to give every secound of your day to your son to keep him alive, and most don't understand why you want to give every secound of your life to your child.

But anyway, that's why I'm coming to you, and asking if you would please buy a tee shirt? I will answer any questions you might have, and am working on a video to put on YouTube so you all can meet my little man.

Thanks for reading.

You can buy the tee-shirts at
Please also share this on your Facebook pages and any other media outlets you think can help my little boy.

Thanks for reading,


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