Terry's Mock Draft; Plans for a 29 million dollar UNDER cap project.



Hello all, recently some HUGE news this week, from Stew, and Kalil's restructures, to Jordan Gross's retirement :( and the new estimated cap that is absolutely HUGE. This is the kinda money that will bring Kraken back, give us some top tier FA's, and genuine resigns on our team. With 1 less person to worry about resigning (Gross) we should look good in the upcoming season with our Cap space.

Notable Pre Free agency resign's.

Michael Mitchell. He has been wonders for us at safety, can't let him go now. I'd give him a 3-4 year deal for 15 Million flat.

Greg Hardy. We may have to bit the bullet and give him a +50 million dollar contract. But make sure it isn't a 75+Million Dollar contract. I'd like to see a 60-70 Million dollar contract over the course of 5-7 Years.

Travelle Wharton. He has done magic for us at the Left guard position, we need to offer him at least 2 more years to lock down the LG side for a couple more years.

Capt Munnerlyn. He is still a top 10 Nickel Cornerback. let's draft a true outside corner and get is done. I say we give Capt a 4 year deal for 15-20 million dollars. if he doesn't sign that, let him hit the road.

Ted Ginn Jr. He has been great for us in his resurgence. A few dropped balls, but he is a real special teams man, and you can't argue against his blazing speed. 3 year deal, for 5-8 million dollars. He will probably demand more, but i say we can probably work him down.

Graham Gano. The best kicker we've had since John Kasey. He is a marksman on field goals, and rarely allows a kick return. I'd like to think we can give him a 4-5 year deal for 5 million dollars. As a kicker, i doubt he demands more.

Derek Anderson. Last, but not least, Derek Anderson. He is a trustworthy leader backup behind Cam Newton. He is a trustworthy backup, that will take the reigns if the inevitable happens.

Notable Pre Free agency Cuts.

Brandon Laffel. Laffel is undoubtedly gonna demand #2 receiver money. It's not gonna happen, so he is best suited, to walk.

Byron Bell. Bell won't need to be a Panther after the draft, he is gone after free agency. The only way i see us keeping him is for depth purposes.

Drayton Florence. Florence was good this year for us. His 1 year deal is done and done. He will no longer be a Panther after this year.

Quitin Mikell. Mikell was good, but he is aging, and we have Lester behind him, not including Godfrey who may or may not be back for this season.

NOTE: (If i didn't say FA names, count them as cut, or signed for dimes as depth).

Notable Free agency signings.

After all those resign's we will have an estimated 5 million left in the cap. Not much. So i propose that we restructure Olson, and Big Money. Let's just go out on a limb, and say it free's up 6 million in Cap space, and then gettleman pre plans to cut godfrey post june 1st. That will free up a total 11 million on the cap. So if we do some basic math we can estimate that we will have a pre meditated cap room of 16 million. So with that, i propose these Free agents!

Anthony Collins. I've been hearing and seeing good things about his game, he will lock down the Left tackle position, and can take force there as a veteran leader. Sign him to a 2 year 4 million dollar deal.

Hakeem Nicks. Let's just assume that Hixon was part of the unnamed cuts. that leaves us with 2 open receiver spots. Nicks fills one of those. Sign him to a 2 year 9 million dollar deal.

NOTE: With those signings our cap room will be hit with 6.5 million dollars. So we will have 11.5 million to go into the draft, and possibly pick up more cheap Free Agents.


1st: Odell Beckham Jr. WR

2nd Antonio "Tiny" Richardson. OT

3rd Stanley Jean Baptiste. CB

4th Keith Mcgill. CB

5th Michael Campanero. WR

6th Jake Murphy. TE

7th Jay Bromley. DT

Draft recap.

Odell Beckham Jr. Is great receiver, a bargain deal at 28, and will take the #1 receiver spot from Smitty while smith moves to #2. Tiny Richardson is a good future Right Tackle for the Panthers, he has some stuff to work on, but he will be a lock down at RT. Not sure where Baptiste is projected, i'd think rounds 2-4, so we may be able to land him in the 3rd, he is strong, tall, and great on zone coverage. Keith Mcgill comes out of utah standing at 6"3 he is tall, and physical, something Gettleman cherishes. Michael Campanero is an elite slot receiver, Smitty stays at #2 while Campanero goes to the #3 spot. Jake Murphy also comes out of utah, standing at 6"4, and isn't that well known. He led utah in touchdown receptions, and was 3rd on the team for reception yards. Jay Bromley is out of Syracuse. He is 6"3 305 pounds and had a 5.06 40 time, was a senior.



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