Gettleman Combine Presser Recap

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a recap I drew from the recording of Panthers GM Dave Gettleman's presser at the Combine yesterday. It's some good stuff.

I should mention I didn't watch it live and had a hard time hearing the questions.

  • Will meet with Jordan Gross at the end of next week. Jordan is mulling over whether to return.
  • Next step - Still waiting on final cap number
  • Repeated ‘Sometimes the answer is on your roster' in answer to a question about a FA WR; mentioned Marvin McNutt and Tavares King.
  • Repeated several times ‘We're cap challenged'
  • Organizational goal is to have sustained success; referenced having 4 winning seasons in a row and that only 2 franchises have 4 straight winning seasons: NE & GB (I like the goal!)
  • Gave Cam a huge vote of confidence
  • Talked about having a spread in age on the roster; mentioned having 6 rookies play a lot on defense; gave Rivera & staff props for coaching up the youngsters
  • Went in depth about having ‘heavy' men and ‘Big' men and bodies everywhere. Mentioned Seahawks ‘big' secondary
  • In discussing college game and all the fancy screens, etc.. being used, ‘you have to tackle'
  • When asked about the status of any vets on the roster ‘We are still evaluating'
  • Lamented all of the injuries on offense; said don't get caught up saying the Panthers will draft this position or that; ‘We will take the best player on the board'
  • ‘Keep your strengths strong' after answering questions about drafting DBs
  • Mentioned his Giants buddies were laughing that he turned in the card for Star in 30 secs; said Kawann Short was the highest guy on their board at #48. Same with Klein. (Notice he skipped over Kugbila)
  • Question about Steve Smith, says he ‘has had a great career but no one plays forever. He is part of the evaluation process.'
You didn't have to be a Panther fan to enjoy Getts speech:

Here's some more quotes that were not captured above:

Gettleman wrestles with roster

"Last year we were quite a bit over, and we had to do some maneuvering just to get under for the first day of the league year. The progress for this year is that we don't have to do any of that, but that doesn't mean we're sitting here with $35 million," Gettleman said. "Every penny helps, but we're trying to get the thing under control. If it goes to 130, very frankly I don't know if we're going to spend to 130. We're going to be smart. If you're constantly up against the wall, you can't maneuver. "Our free agency is going to be just like last year. We're going to look for guys that we feel have been overlooked that can help us. We thought we did pretty well last year."

So we will again look for 'overlooked' free agents.

More about prepping for the draft:

"We just had our February draft meetings with all the college scouts coming in," Gettleman explained. "We met for about five days, worked on the draft board, eliminating players that don't fit us offensively and defensively.

So we take players off the board that don't fit, which might be because they play a position we have no room to add players, like say QB and RB? So though he is a 'BPA' guy on draft day that is helped by the fact he has removed players that don't 'fit', for whatever reason. Make sense...even if Teddy Bridgewater is there at #28 he most likely is not on our board.

Another take away is the last comment about Smitty, which I find a little concerning. Smitty is under contract and so I wonder if he is prepping us for a move at some point. I really hope I'm reading too much into it.

Also Getts still loves his hog mollies so I'm still expecting us to draft at least one if not two offensive linemen. It's apparent he hasn't backed off his love of big DBs either.


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