Finding our Number One Receiver

Hello all it's been awhile since I put up a post, mainly because I like being picky. I don't want to write about anything and everything I like to choose my topics. Like a nice ripe banana that you let sit in a brown paper bag on your counter, waiting to make banana pudding with Nilla Wafers.

Today the topic is wide receiver, easily one of the most talked about topics here on CSR. I'm going to throw up a list of top 10 WR's the last few seasons to see if we can find a trend and maybe make you think about what we really should look for/want in our future number one.

2009- 1)Wes Welker NE 2) Steve Smith NYG 3) Andre Johnson HOU 4) Brandon Marshall DEN 5) Dallas Clark IND 6) Reggie Wayne IND 7) Larry Fitzgerald AZ 8) Hines Ward Pitt 9) Jason Witten DAL 10) Roddy White ATL

2010- 1) Roddy White ATL 2)Reggie Wayne IND 3) Jason Witten DAL 4)Santana Moss WAS 5)Larry Fitzgerald AZ 6)Andre Johnson HOU 7)Brandon Marshall MIA 8)Wes Welker 9)Danny Amendola 10)Marques Colston NOR

2011- 1)Wes Welker NE 2)Robby White AZ 3)Jimmy Graham NO 4)Calvin Johnson DET 5)Rob Gronkowski NE 6)Percy Harvin MIN 7)Darren Sproles NOR 8)Brandon Pettigrew DET 9)Victor Cruz NYG 10)Dwayne Bowe

2012- 1)Calvin Johnson DET 2)Brandon Marshall CHI 3)Wes Welker NE 4)Andre Johnson HOU 5)Jason Witten DAL 6)Reggie Wayne IND 7)A.J. Green CIN 8) Demaryius Thomas DEN 9)Tony Gonzales ATL10)Dez Bryant DAL

2013-1)Pierre Garcon WAS 2)Antonio Brown PITT 3)Andre Johnson HOU 4)Julian Edelman NE 5)Brandon Marshall CHI 6)A.J. Green CIN 7)Kendall Wright TENN 8)Dez Bryant DAL 9)Demaryius Thomas DEN 10)Alshon Jeffery CHI

With all these names a few things stick out. 10 of the 50 players listed here are under 6'0. Of those 10 only Wes Welker stayed on multiple years in that list. You can trace back to 2003 that the only other two receivers under 6'0 that were in the top 10 multiple season were our own Steve Smith and Derrick Mason. There were a few other guys under 6'0 that did make in on the list just not consecutive or multiple years.

So what does this all mean? Draft a tall receiver, plain and simple. I know the Brandin Cooks brigade is coming at me with their pitch forks and torches. You can put down his amazing year or how explosive he is. In the end in terms of longevity and consistency the numbers are in favor of the big guys. This isn't saying he can't do it though. It's merely saying that the probability of him being a consistent year in and year out top 10 guy isn't as likely as say a Kelvin Benjamin, Allen Robinson or Jordan Matthews.

Let me know what you all think in the comments down below!!

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