My WR break down

First off let me say sorry terry.beidleman for stealing a bit of your thunder.

i am doing a few WR that I feel we have a shot at getting. Not a matter of me wanting them or not.

Kelvin Benjamin- 6'5 235, this body screams super star. Not so fast clearly he has hand issues and one other thing that stands out is the fact that he just could not get over the cusp and become the number one guy for his team in college. Another big stand out that helps his numbers (15 touchdowns this years) is that he had the best QB in college throwing to him. There are some good things, he has the size physicality and aggression to really blossom into a top guy, plays his size well with good leaping and fighting at catch point. Ceiling is a top guy within top 5. Basement a short down redone guy. Another benefit is he can slide into TE with some bulking up.

Allen Robinson-6"3 210, a sure catch big body guy who has ability after the catch. Great hands good leaping ability and strong at catch point. Not afraid to go over the middle . Red flag is that he is not the best of route runners coming out of college. Does not sell well, that can be thought what can't be is this kids body control and field instinct.

Jordan Matthews- 6"3 205, the all time sec leader in receptions, he has worked very hard on his catching and made it much better. What this kid lacks in athleticism he makes up for it in preparation, what he does lack is speed, not much of a burst guy but will get you the catches and has some danger after the catch (jr year 19 YPC). Ran a good route tree in college but not a great one. He will not break away much and sometimes can be slightly timid going over the middle ( has improved in years at college) chooses to use strategy over physicality when sometimes physicality is needed

Odell beckham jr- 5"11 193, amazing hands sure catch guy who has big play ability in every catch. Not the fastest but can read a defense well and get around them, will not "burn" many people but has some explosiveness to him. A little small but hey we're panthers fans we knows small can be huge. Timid at times over the middle so will only highly effective on the outside. Ran a good tree in college. He always had the benefit of having another top receiver on the other side to take coverage away.

Brandin cooks 5"8 186, big play every play kind of guy. Great hand great route tree in college (1700 yards) he is fast and has sure hands, but will not be the best for a fight at catch point and does tend to shy away from the big hit choosing to dip out of bounds rather than use his speed to cut up the middle and make a bid for and even bigger play.

Well thats all I got for these guys, one favor I will ask is let me know if you feel I was bias at all I want to work in sports radio and want to work on being bias.

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